Harry Styles' 'Carpool Karaoke' Video Was So Chill, Yet Still Hilarious AF

Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty Images

Harry Styles took over James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment on Tuesday, Dec. 10, and he did not disappoint. In four short minutes, Styles took fans on an epic ride through Los Angeles where he learned the keys to hosting a late night show from Corden himself, and delivered an adorable duet with the talk show host. Harry Styles' 2019 Carpool Karaoke video will get you "Watermelon Sugar" high.

This isn't the first time Styles won Carpool Karaoke. Fans will recall Styles' December 2017 appearance with Corden where the two exchanged an iconic Christmas kiss. That's right, while driving around listening to holiday songs, Styles and Corden shared a sweet smooch while "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town" played in the background.

Almost exactly two years later, Styles had big expectations to live up to, and he did just that. The segment began with Styles calling Corden for help to get to the Late Late Show set, a task that Corden was happy to do. During their drive, Corden let Styles in on his key to hosting a good show: "Make your guests feel comfortable."

Corden added: "So, even if a guest tells a story that isn't that funny, it is."

Styles then decided to give it some practice, mimicking Corden's elaborate example. Check it out at the 1:30 mark below.

The fun didn't end there. After learning Corden's tricks to hosting a flawless late night talk show — and getting some outfit inspiration — Styles decided to put on some music. Cue his hit song "Watermelon Sugar," which the men couldn't help but sing along to.

Corden even did a little bit of interpretative dance as Styles sang the lyrics: "Breathe me in / breathe me out / I don't know if I could ever go without / Watermelon sugar high."

While there was no kissing this time around, Styles and Corden, once again, proved they're a comedy match made in heaven. But, I will leave you with this throwback video, because Happy Holidays!