Hannah & Tyler's Fantasy Suite Date Was Honestly The Sweetest One Yet


Bachelor Nation stans unproblematic, supportive men, and The Bachelorette's Tyler has consistently fit that mold since he arrived at the mansion with his trademark swagger and gravelly voice. Given how Hannah Brown always enjoyed her time with the general contractor, fans weren't doubting their vibes and whether she would invite him to a fantasy suite date on July 15's episode. Although Hannah and Tyler's fantasy suite date on The Bachelorette put a brief pause on their relationship as Hannah expressed doubts about their emotional bond, the night took a sweet turn when Tyler emphasized respecting her boundaries.

Before hometown dates, Hannah tried to nudge 25-year-old Tyler to open up more about his insecurities. It took some time, but Tyler eventually discussed his parents' divorce and his fear of having a failed marriage, and spilling these tidbits benefited him for an emotional hometown visit in Jupiter, Florida. Hannah was still hesitant about whether Tyler was ready for marriage, but his family spoke about how he stepped up as a pillar of support after his father was hospitalized.

Hannah might have had some minor concerns, but fans were ready to shower Tyler with roses. These dreams briefly came to a halt when Hannah and Tyler were on the earlier portion of their date in Greece on July 15's episode. Following a steamy day at the spa, Hannah knew that physical intimacy wasn't an issue for them, but their natural bond was so intense that she worried about the emotional factor of their relationship catching up. "If Tyler's my forever, I have forever to be physical with him," she told cameras. "I need to make sure he's my forever."

"I feel like our relationship has been so fun, so easy," Hannah told him at dinner. "But there is a concern for me about our physical relationship ... I just am so captivated about being around you and you holding me and kissing me that I just want that."

"I have to kind of reset myself sometimes," she said, "and think, 'OK, that's great, you know that that's there, but it has to be more.' I don't want to go into the fantasy suite and have sex because I don't feel like that's what our relationship needs. I think we just have to explore being together and just continue our emotional connection."

Tyler agreed that while fantasy suites have the connotation of sex, he just wanted to spend time with her and honor each other's boundaries. On top of that, he told Hannah he loved her after a Noah Calhoun-esque speech describing his feelings, and Hannah delighted in the fact that her feelings didn't faze Tyler. They headed off to spend the night together on a boat, and when cameras checked in on them the next morning, Tyler was smitten. "I feel like the luckiest man in the world," he told cameras.

"He was the most respectful man that's ever been with me," Hannah later said. "Watching him leave me from our date, it rips me. I really need to think and process all my relationships."

So, while Bachelor Nation had nothing to worry about when it came to Tyler, it looks like Hannah still has some things to consider. Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues with the "Men Tell All" special at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, July 22, on ABC.