Bachelor Nation Has Serious *Feelings* About Hannah G.'s Rap

ABC/Rick Rowell

On The Bachelor, hometown visits usually offer the couples a chance to see new sides of each other. Caelynn showed Colton some home movies, while Tayshia and Colton took yet another leap of faith together by skydiving. But, Hannah G. took things to a whole different level in the clip fans got to see at the end of episode. Hannah G.'s rap on The Bachelor was pretty unexpected since the contestant has been relatively quiet on the show so far, at least compared to some of the other more vocal ladies. But, when Hannah G.'s family asked Colton if he's heard her rap yet, she revealed that she's actually been rapping for years. Neither Colton nor the audience of The Bachelor had heard Hannah G. rap, even though she said she's been rapping in the house with the other women this whole time. I'm hoping we get to see some of that lost footage soon, but until then, Hannah G. gave everyone a little taste of her rapping abilities at her family's dinner table.

Hannah G. asked someone to give her a beat, and her dad dutifully obliged. Soon, the whole table joined in to add percussion to Hannah G.'s freestyle about Colton's visit to her home town. You can check it out for yourself below:

Hannah G. took her rap performance as an opportunity to freestyle lyrics about Colton and her hope that her family would love him as much as she does. Colton seemed to enjoy it, and so did her family. As soon as the clip of Hannah G. performing aired, all of Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to voice their many opinions. A lot of fans thought her rapping was pretty adorable and it made them root for her even harder.

A lot of folks were especially touched by how supportive Hannah G.'s family was of her. I mean, they literally supported her rap by providing a beat for her.

Of course, every stellar performance is sure to have its critics, and even in Hannah G.'s family there were some. After she finished rapping, Hannah G.'s dad said, "That was so bad." When she questioned him about it, he told her he meant bad as a compliment. It was a smooth recovery from Hannah G.'s dad, but the truth is that it wasn't exactly a perfect performance. Hannah G. struggled to stick to the beat in her second verse, and her ending the whole thing with "Word!" was a little cringeworthy. Some folks in Bachelor Nation couldn't get on board with the rapping.

Hannah G. is a content creator, and she has a super popular Instagram. According to her website, she's combined her loves of photography and modeling to become an influencer. On her website, she says: "Just trying to grow my brand, enjoy life, & hopefully inspire people in the process." There aren't any videos of her rapping readily available online. But perhaps Hannah G. sees rapping as a big part of growing her brand, since it offers her another way to tell her story. If she does decide to add rapper to her job title, Bachelor Nation is sure to have a ton more feelings about it.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.