Hannah Brown Gave Her Number To A Mystery Man In The Most Rom-Com Way

by Candice Jalili
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Single and need a little push to put yourself out there? I'd highly recommend using Hannah Brown leaving her number on a mystery man's car as your inspiration. On Oct. 18, Brown posted a series of videos to her Instagram Stories documenting herself leaving a note with her number on it on the car of a lucky stranger. "Here's what's happening," she began in the first video. "Annie and I were walking and this beautiful specimen of a human walked by me."

"He was so cute and I was like... we kinda smiled at each other, I think. And so I was nervous to say anything but we think this was his car," she continued, gesturing to the black car she was standing by.

Next in a second video titled, "MY BOLD MOVE OF THE DAY," she noted, "we're not actually even sure, but I'm gonna leave him a note. I said, 'We smiled at each other on the sidewalk. I was wearing a pink dress. Call me sometime.'"

After reading the note out loud and showing it to her followers, Brown shared videos of herself quickly trying to get her note onto the mystery man's card before he came back and spotted her.

Instagram/Hannah Brown
Instagram/Hannah Brown

Unfortunately, things didn't work out as seamlessly as she'd hoped. "He was about to walk up when I was putting the note on there and I fully freaked out and ran like a crazy person," she told the camera, later telling her followers that "he's reading the note now" and that she has "pit stains" from being so "scared."

To make matters worse, he didn't call. But! There's a silver lining here, people. While things didn't work out with Mystery Car Guy, Brown revealed later that night that another guy managed to swoop in.

"Plot twist: I ended up actually being asked out by this other guy I met like a few weeks ago and it actually was really good," she revealed in her stories, posted eight hours after the car incident. "Yeah, so... I don't think the guy's calling me, so you snooze lose, man. You snooze, you lose."

Sorry, dude. You had your chance.