Halsey Shared A Ton Of Helpful Hacks In Her 'Manic' Makeup Tutorial

While some stars stick to a signature look, others are brave enough to try out what feels like a totally new vibe every single day. Halsey is one of the risk-takers I'm referring to, so when I heard the news that Halsey filmed a Manic makeup tutorial for Vogue's Beauty Secrets series featuring the album art's glittery black-and-blue eye, I knew it would be one of my fave videos in the series so far. Spoiler alert, I was right, because in addition to being a pretty talented makeup artist, Halsey is also a total sweetheart.

One of the best parts about Halsey's video? Unlike some stars, who waffle around the brands and names of products used, the singer mentioned every 👏 single 👏 product 👏 by name, and held each one up for viewers to make a mental note of. While she was certainly recreating a more artistic look, the glittery blue black eye she did herself on the day she shot her album artwork, she prepped it with the same basics she uses on the daily, so fans still got a good look at her go-to products. She even included some helpful hacks, including the use of two different mascaras (one for darkening, one for lengthening), and six, count 'em, SIX highlighters for an ultra-dewy complexion. Some of her other faves included the E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit ($4, E.L.F. Cosmetics), which she swore by for filling in her naturally sparse brows, and the Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation ($40, Sephora), which, of course, she used around her beautiful freckles, never on top of them.

For real, though, Halsey is thisclose to pro beauty guru status. Look how she presented each product perfectly!


Before creating her ~black eye~ using a blue lip gloss and tons of glitter, Halsey shared exactly why she chose the wound to represent the music on her album, Manic. "When I was coming up with the concept for the album cover, the black eye was a really important part of it, because a black eye is univerally recognized sign of pain, or trauma, or abuse," she shared. "The album is a lot about me outgrowing some traumas and some things have been otherwise holding me back from feeling like I could really become myself in my early 20s." How cool that she found an artistic way to embody that struggle!

To complete her look, Halsey tapped on some extra glitter, fussed with her short black curls, and struck a pose:


Is it weird that I want to recreat this look and rock it on an everyday basis? Halsey said she planned on wearing it to the supermarket that same day, so I'll take that as my blessing to do the same.