Kylie's Photos Of Stormi Are Giving Hailey Baldwin Major Baby Fever

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hailey Baldwin is ill, guys. Not only does she have the Bieber Fever, but she also has baby fever. And it's all Stormi Webster's fault! Kylie Jenner posted the sweetest series of photos of little Stormi from an adventure she, Mama Kylie, and Papa Travis Scott went on, and let me tell ya, it is some cute as heck Stormi content. All Stormi content is cute as heck, TBH, but this post is next-level. And it's got Jenner and Scott's famous friends swooning. Case-in-point: Hailey Baldwin's comment on Kylie Jenner's photos of Stormi. Homegirl's ovaries are exploding.

Jenner posted three photos and video of Stormi and Scott to her Instagram on Thursday, July 25. The first photo showed Stormi wearing a straw hat while being carried by her dad. The second showed her giving a cheeky grin while sitting on Scott's lap in a golf cart, and the third showed another moment in that cart when she was staring off into the distance with a face that says "If mom puts that camera in my face one more time, I swear to god." The video showed Stormi and Scott hugging. Scott is kissing her chin and making her giggle a bunch, then she lovingly says "dada" and gives him a pat on the back as they walk away.

There's nothing to say about this other than holy f*ck, this baby is cute.

Jenner said in her caption,

We took our baby on an adventure yesterday 💛💛 Ugh i love this little girl so much. Not only do I think she‘s the cutest thing in the world.. she’s got the sweetest, smartest, most special little soul 💛💛 p.s. the pat on the back at the end of the video gets me every time 😫

Same, girl.

A bunch of celebs commented on the post, but Baldwin's stood out the most, as fans of her and hubby Justin Bieber are no doubt wondering if/when they'll have kids.

"Please stop giving me the most baby fever 😩 she’s the sweetest," Baldwin said in her comment. Baby fever, eh?! You ready for Baby Bieber, world?! Truly, this comment could mean a lot of things, but it's probably just got Baldwin thinking about her and Bieber's future family. It's not like she saw this post and was like, "Yup! I'm ready for motherhood! Justin, get home now! We have things to do!" But this does hint that she could already be planning when she wants to start growing the Bieber family.

Justin Bieber hinted on his Instagram recently that kids are definitely in the cards for him and Baldwin, just not right now.

He posted a photo of him and Baldwin at a Disney park and said,

Love dates with you baby.. one day Ill be doing daddy daughter dates..... not hinting at anything soon I’m not in a rush. i just wanna enjoy you by yourself for a while!

No news on how Bieber is feeling post-adorable Stormi pics, tho. Who knows, that could be a game-changer!!