Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton’s Body Language Reveals Their Love Is Strong & Steady

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I love a celebrity odd couple, especially if it’s one that seems like it may go the distance. One of my favorites has to be country music star Blake Shelton and ska queen Gwen Stefani, who, despite coming from polar opposite ends of the music spectrum, seem to have found real love with one another. One look at Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s body language is enough to make you believe in love, and that opposites really do attract.

A little back story about the couple: They first met back in 2014 when Gwen was added to the cast of judges on season seven of The Voice. (Blake had been a judge from the beginning.) The two seemed to develop a great friendship, but they were both still married at the time — Gwen to Bush singer Gavin Rossdale and Blake to country artist Miranda Lambert. But both of them would be single and ready to mingle by the end of the following year. Blake and Miranda announced the end of their four-year marriage in July 2015. Two months later, Gwen followed suit, announcing that she and Gavin were splitting after 13 years of marriage. (If you're wondering, rumor is Gavin cheated with the nanny.)

It wasn't long after that rumors about Gwen and Blake began circulating, especially after they were spotted holding hands two months later on Halloween. They confirmed the relationship shortly after in November and have been together and going strong ever since — or at least as far as we know. That's why I reached out to body language experts to get a peek behind the curtain and see if everything really is as golden it seems for this couple. Here is what they see.

They Are Really Happy To Be Together
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For body language expert Blanca Cobb, the couple’s pose is very illuminating. “When your faces touch it signals a level of intimacy," Cobb tells Elite Daily. "It’s a tender moment between the two of them. Their smiles show that they’re happy.”

Body language Yana German agrees that the pose and facial expressions of both Gwen and Blake in this image show two people who are very much in love. “The connection between Blake and Gwen is obvious ... they can’t get enough [of one another],” German tells Elite Daily. “It shows in how they are leaning and their bodies are connecting all the [the way up to the] tilting of their heads.” What that tells German is that that “their relationship is very intense yet balanced, caring and loving, combined with sexual attraction… it’s a great sign of a good, solid, long-lasting relationship.”

They Have An Intense But Balanced Connection
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In this second image, Cobb is immediately struck by the passion she sees passing between them in this moment. “When you engage in intense eye contact the way they are, you’re speaking a silent love language,” she says. “You express your feelings and an emotional connection by looking into each other’s eyes.”

While German agrees this is a couple who has powerful chemistry, she also sees that they are maintaining their independence and have found balance in the relationship. “You can tell how they are in sync, there is no dominant in this relationship, they are both equal and equally respectful of each other,” she says. “Gwen is feeling very protected and secure next to Blake, yet she loves to feel independent. [This shows in how] her body alignment is directly facing the camera, yet [she’s still] making an effort to lean closer to her man.”

Gwen Is Crazy About Blake
gwenstefani on Instagram

In this image, Cobb is drawn to Gwen’s expression as she looks up at Blake. “She’s looking at him intensely," she says. "You convey your love through eye contact…. You look at what interests you, excites you, speaks to you. And obviously, Blake has captured Gwen’s attention.” For German, what stands out most in this image is how proud they both are to share their their love with the world. “They are both very passionate people … they are in love [and] they want everyone to know how they feel.” Message received!

Blake Is Very Loving And Protective Of Gwen
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To Cobb, what this photo makes clear is that Blake is very protective and supportive of his partner. “Blake’s drawing Gwen close to him," she says. "His shoulder is behind hers, suggesting that he’s supporting her both figuratively and literally." She also points out that this pose shows that, “he’s comfortable with Gwen being in the limelight.” This kind of support and quiet confidence bodes well for a couple very much in the public eye.

The experts agree on one last thing: that the feelings these two share are real, intense, and balanced. There is clear evidence of emotional and sexual compatibility that indicates that this duet (sorry, couldn’t resist) has everything it needs to go the distance.