Gus Kenworthy Is Adopting A Dog From South Korea & The Story Is So, So Heartbreaking

by Hollee Actman Becker
Ker Robertson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Gus Kenworthy may not be coming home from the 2018 Winter Games with a medal, but he's still coming home a hero. After the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the freestyle skier returned to America with a posse of stray rescue dogs. And now, when he leaves PyeongChang, this amazing human will be adding another four-legged little pooch — rescued from a dog meat farm — to the mix. Gus Kenworthy's post about dogs in South Korea is so sad, but at least there's a happy twist. Not only did he save one sweet pup by adopting her, he is now giving a voice to the voiceless with a raw and emotional post about the experience on Instagram.

"This morning Matt and I had a heart-wrenching visit to one of the 17,000 dog farms here in South Korea," the athlete explained in his lengthy caption. "Across the country there are 2.5 million dogs being raised for food in some of the most disturbing conditions imaginable. I was told that the dogs on this particular farm were kept in 'good conditions' by comparison to other farms. The dogs here are malnourished and physically abused, crammed into tiny wire-floored pens, and exposed to the freezing winter elements and scorching summer conditions."

Truly horrific. Luckily, the farm Kenworthy visited is being permanently shut down, and all 90 of the dogs will be brought to the U.S. and Canada, where they'll be put up for adoption.

"I adopted the sweet baby in the first pic (we named her Beemo) and she'll be coming to the U.S. to live with me," Kenworthy explained in his post. "I cannot wait to give her the best life possible! There are still millions of dogs here in need of help though. I'm hoping to use this visit as an opportunity to raise awareness to the inhumanity of the dog meat trade here in Korea and the plight of dogs everywhere, including back home in the U.S. where millions of dogs are in need of loving homes!"

Thank you, Gus, for using your platform to raise awareness, and for giving this adorable pup a chance at the life she deserves! I can't wait to see if Beemo gets her own Instagram account, like the dogs Kenworthy rescued in Sochi back in 2014. Because not only are the pooch pics amazing, the captions are basically individual works of art.

See what I mean?

Of course, the adorable Beemo isn't the only new friend Kenworthy made in PyeongChang. His budding bromance with figure skater Adam Rippon — they are only two openly gay male U.S. athletes competing during the 2018 Winter Olympics — has been a beautiful thing to behold.

"The first time I heard about him was because he was one of the other openly gay athletes trying to make it to the Games," Kenworthy told People. "We started exchanging messages and catching up on each other’s qualifying processes and rooting each other on. It’s a stressful time in any athlete’s life, and we were sort of dealing with the same pressures. So I think we had a lot to kind of connect over. It was just like sparks flying, like instant friends, fast friends. I love the guy. I think he’s hilarious, I think he’s so sweet and so charming. So I’m very excited about our friendship."

Emphasis on the word friend. Because that's all these two are — friends. Sorry guys, but Kenworthy already has a boyfriend named Matthew Wilkas, and these two are serious #CoupleGoals. Or as Kenworthy put it on Instagram, "Love is love is love."