Google's 20th Birthday Video Highlights The Most Popular Searches From Your Childhood

I hate to say it, but as a tried and true millennial, I hardly remember life before Google. I was four when it was first created back in 1998, so it's pretty much been an integral part of my life since, well... practically forever. On Thursday, Sept. 27, the beloved search engine will celebrate its 20th year running. So, as you'd imagine, things are getting pretty nostalgic up in here. If you haven't already seen Google's 20th birthday Doodle, it highlights popular searches from the past two decades, and it's filled with throwbacks.

First, Google's Birthday Doodle opens with the OG Google homepage, playing that awful old dial-up sound playing in the background. You know, that one you probably still remember if you were born before, like, the year 1999. Anyway, the Doodle starts going through popular searches that people looked up over the last 20 years, per Google. It starts with the question that was on everyone's minds in December 1999: "What will happen on Y2K?" LOL.

Many people also wondered, "Is Pluto still a planet?" The Google Doodle also shows a dog searching how to say "love" before responding with a bark. Other searches include: asking how autotune works, the royal wedding, how to pronounce "GIF," how to make avocado toast, and wondering when the Summer Games begin. It's super cute, and you should definitely click on the video below to see it for yourself.

Beyond delivering a good ol' dose of nostalgia, it also asks questions in several different languages, with corresponding animations. The Doodle will officially be available on the Google homepage on Thursday, Sept. 27. To view it, all you have to do is navigate to the search engine's homepage, and click the triangular "play" button, which is in the center of the gift box. The video is a really sweet way to celebrate Google's 20th birthday, if you ask me, so make sure you take a second and watch it in honor of Google's 20th journey around the sun.

Google has glowed up tremendously in the last two decades, and one of its most recent innovations is the Maps' Group Planning feature. It allows users to essentially create a restaurant "bucket list," allowing you to make a list of restaurants you're interested in trying. The list can be shared with friends and family via text or email, or it can be generated as a link. If you want to add something to the list, hover the cursor over a restaurant, click it, and hold it down. If you want to track how many items you added to the list, navigate to the small circle with a blue number right above it, in the bottom righthand corner. It's literally so simple, considering how useful it is.

At this point, Google is an integral part of human life on a global scale. 20 years running is a huge deal, which is why the search engine is celebrating with a big mushy video. As you'd imagine, it's the cutest thing ever, and if you want to feel real mushy (and also kind of old), make sure you take a moment to watch it. It's definitely one for the books.