Google Maps Released Its Own Version Of 'Snake' That'll Make You Feel So Nostalgic

Screenshot Courtesy of Amanda Fama

Do you remember the days when the only game on your cell phone was Snake? I definitely do, because I played it all the time. I remember getting my first Nokia cell and sitting in my room for hours guiding the virtual snake around my tiny black-and-white phone screen (ah, the good old days). TBH, I'm getting nostalgic just thinking about it. Sure, there have been updated versions of the classic game since then — and now, Google is hopping on the Snake train (literally). ICYMI, Google Maps' Snake game for April Fools' Day is here, and it replaces your beloved snake with a virtual train. It's the #throwback that I needed on my phone.

Google Maps' version of Snake officially launched on Sunday, March 31, and can be played online or through Google Maps. The spinoff mimics the original Snake concept, which involves guiding a snake-like object around a screen while trying to collect items. As you collect those items, your "snake" grows in length — however, you have to make sure that it doesn't run into itself (or the edge of the screen). The game seems simple, but dang, it can get pretty complicated as your snake grows. I digress, though.

Let's talk about Google Maps' version of the throwback game.

Courtesy of Google

According to Google, its Snake spinoff replaces the iconic "snake" with a train. (It was modified specifically for Google Maps, so the train makes total sense.) Before the game starts, you'll be able to choose a standout city of your choice and guide the train around your phone screen using your keyboard's arrow buttons. Instead of picking up round objects (like those found in the retro version of the game), the virtual train will pick up passengers on the map. The more passengers you pick up, the longer your train gets. It's super similar to the OG game, and I'm really excited to play it.

Virtual passengers aren't the only items that your train can pick up in the game, though. According to Google, players will also be able to pick up "fun surprises" from the cities that they choose to play in. Those items will honor various landmarks found in the area, such as the London Bridge on the game's London map. With that being said, it seems like you'll be able to learn a lot about different cities by playing the game. It mixes nostalgia with wanderlust, and I'm all for it.

If you end up loving Google Maps' version of Snake, you'll be be happy to hear that you can play the retro version of the game online. All you have to do is visit and join in on the fun. Once, you're there, you can choose which level you want to play on. There are three options that range from easy to difficult, and they include slug, worm, and python. (I chose the slug option first, because I needed to brush up on my Snake skills.) Once the game starts, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide the snake as it moves throughout your screen.

Between that game and Google Maps' version of it, prepare for major nostalgia.