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10 Perks Of Booking A Disney Cruise With Your Mickey Mouse Club Crew

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Disney cruises are fun, but planning a Disney cruise with your best Mickey Mouse Club crew can be unforgettable. There's no squad you'd rather take on the high seas with, because going on a Disney cruise with your friends has extra perks you never knew you needed.

Since it is a Disney cruise, you can already expect extra magic in everything you do. It starts with the Mickey Mouse details in the decorations, the adorable characters walking around the boat, and the Disney-worthy entertainment at night. Let's not forget Disney is the place to be for foodies everywhere, so you'll want to take advantage of the buffets and delicious four-course meals. Plus, there is a top-notch spa on board that you can visit every single day, and be treated like the princess you are.

If you take all of that into consideration, having your whole squad by your side for the journey makes it that much more enjoyable and memorable. It's actually these 10 perks that will make you want to consider a cruise for your next friend group vacay. All the reasons to go are listed below — now you just need to pick a destination and get ready to set sail.

You Can Split Up And Do Different Things On The Boat
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Every night, there's a daily navigator sent to your stateroom that has a full schedule of fun. On sea days, you can expect to see lots of shows, character meet and greets, and other ship activities listed all day long.

Having your entire group with you might mean not everyone will want to do the same things on the daily. That's OK, because you're cool with splitting up, and there's always at least one bestie there who wants to do what you want to do.

There Are Plenty Of Insta-Worthy Ops For Your Entire Crew

Your group pics are always on point. But on a Disney cruise, there are plenty of Instagram-worthy ops for you to take your snaps to the next level. That means you can pose with the characters or in the gorgeous ports of call.

It's An Easy Way To See A Bunch Of Places With The Same Crew

One of the benefits of going on a cruise is the ability to visit different places all in one trip. Every new place you go to, you'll be glad you have your friends there to share the special experience with you.

There's Something To Do 24/7

Disney cruises are jam-packed with fun. There's always something going on, like a showing of your favorite Disney movie or characters hanging out in the atrium for pics. If you're hungry, you can stop by a delicious buffet, or if you want to relax, you can check out the spa. Since there's something to do at all times, you and your friends will never get bored.

One Package Price Takes Splitting Costs Out Of The Equation

Since almost everything — from accommodations to food — is included in the package price of a Disney cruise, it takes splitting costs out of the equation. You don't have to collect receipts or do any calculating to see what everyone owes. No one wants to do math on vacay, anyway.

You Can Go On As Many Excursions As You'd Like
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At each port of call, you can book excursions. If half of your crew wants to chill out on the beach and the other half wants to be adventurous by going zip-lining in the rain forest — both are possible. There are excursions for everyone, and you'll always have someone who's down to join you.

You Can Set Up Your Own Drink Plan

There are a few things that cost extra on the boat, like specialty drinks (if you're 21 or up). If you discuss ahead of time what everyone wants to do, you can go all in on a wine package that everyone can agree on.

There Are Different Room Options You Can Choose Based On Your Budget

There are different levels of staterooms to choose from on a Disney cruise. Some of the more expensive ones have a verandah for you to enjoy, and cheaper ones are located inside the ship without windows. Having different options lets your crew decide what rooms are best for everyone's budget.

You Can Rock Matching Disney Tees For The Sail Away Deck Party

With your entire crew on board, it's a fun idea to wear matching Disney tees — especially for the Sail Away Deck Party. You can make your own before you embark on your voyage, or order some cute shirts on Etsy. Just make sure to grab a group pic while you're partying on the top deck.

Part Of The Group Can Find A Good Table While Everyone Else Gets In Line For The Buffet

A major perk of having your group of friends on the cruise is being able to split up and save tables. At the Cabanas buffet, half the group can find a table while everyone else gets in line for food. The same can be useful when you want to snag lounge chairs on the top deck or on the beach in Castaway Cay, while the rest of the group grabs fruity refreshments.

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