These Baileys Chocolate Mint Cupcakes Are The Perfect St. Patty's Day Treat

Courtesy of Baileys

I'm really, really big on celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Sometimes my crew dresses up and goes to parties, other years we've bar-hopped, and — of course — I always love going to New York City's famous St. Patrick's Day parade. This year, however, I'm looking to do something a little more low-key. Honestly, I think I'd prefer to celebrate with Georgetown Cupcake's Baileys Chocolate Mint Cupcakes more than anything else. They bring the life of the party to a tiny green dessert... and the best part is that I can enjoy them from the comfort of my couch. It makes getting older pretty sweet, if you ask me.

If you're East Coast-based, you've most likely heard of the renowned confectionary establishment known as Georgetown Cupcakes. The talented ladies behind the popular D.C. bakery, Sophie and Katherine LaMontagne, competed to see who could create the best St. Patrick’s Day cupcake using Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur, according to Baileys, and based on a decision from their Instagram followers, Sophie's Baileys Chocolate Mint Cupcake creation was the winner. Now, just in time for the holiday, they're giving sweet tooth fans and cupcake enthusiasts the chance to try it, and I'm seriously hyped.

Courtesy Of Baileys

Georgetown Cupcake's Baileys Chocolate Mint Cupcake, according to the liqueur company, gives a nod to the gorgeous Emerald Isle. It features a chocolate mint-based cupcake which is filled with gooey mint chocolate ganache. All of that is topped with a Baileys-infused green vanilla frosting, mint chocolate ganache drizzle lattice, and most importantly, mini shamrock confetti. They're totally non-alcoholic (so if you're under 21 you're in luck!), but the bottom line is you'll be blessed if you end up spending the March holiday indulging on these babies. They're festive and freakin' delicious.

Courtesy Of Baileys

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? My god, I could probably get myself to do an Irish jig RN.

Sadly, just like the annual holiday, these St. Patrick's Day treats won't be around all year long. However, you'll be able to get them at all Georgetown Cupcake locations starting on March 1, and they'll be available for the entire month of March, according to Baileys. If there aren't any Georgetown Cupcake bakeries near you, however, the Baileys cupcakes can be shipped nationwide as long as you order them online. That — my friends — is the definition of a St. Patrick's Day miracle, if you ask me.

Maybe you're seeking out a sweet sip to wash down all those cupcakes, and if that's the case, McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back and better than ever at participating McDonald's locations nationwide. You'll be able to get them through Sunday, March 24, and if you've never tried one for yourself, it's comprised of vanilla soft serve, minty Shamrock Shake syrup, and obviously, whipped cream. It's a festive green color, and IMO, it's sweeter than any old pot of gold.

Don't get me wrong — going out for St. Patrick's Day is always a blast. But these Baileys-infused mint chocolate cupcakes are a great way to celebrate from your bed, amidst a Netflix marathon, or even from a bubble bath. They look magical and undeniably shamrockin', if you ask me.