What Gavin Leatherwood’s Zodiac Says About Him As A Partner Is SO Hot

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you have a taste for bad boys, chances are you're already crushing on Gavin Leatherwood thanks to his role as Nick Scratch on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. His character is mysterious, dangerous, and (let's be honest) hot. The actor behind the role is a bit mysterious, too, preferring to keep his private life private. Fortunately, Gavin Leatherwood's zodiac sign can help us deduce what the heartthrob is probably like as a partner — and we don't even need a divining spell.

Leatherwood was born on June 7, 1994, under the sign of Gemini. If you're familiar with dating a Gemini, you already know how hot — and cold — this air sign can be. Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning they can be adaptable, which makes them exciting to signs who are highly confident and independent like Aries and Leo. However, being a mutable sign also means Gemini has a tendency to be changeable, which, if you're a security-seeking sign like Cancer or Capricorn, can make their unpredictable nature intimidating or frustrating. Sometimes, though, the risk is totally worth the reward. Here's what we can surmise about what it's like to be loved by Leatherwood based on his zodiac sign.

He’s easy to fall into a relationship with — but making it last can be a challenge.

Falling in love and into a relationship with a Gemini is easy-breezy, because this air sign loves to go with the flow. This sign is very curious about other people, so when you catch their attention, you have it fully. This kind of focus makes them extremely appealing, not to mention Geminis tend to be very witty, thanks to their ruling planet, Mercury, which is associated with communication. But over the long-haul, they tend to get bored easily, and start seeking out new sources of excitement and interest. If they aren't feeling mentally and emotionally stimulated, Geminis like Leatherwood tend to drift away.

He needs a partner who can challenge him intellectually.

This sign's biggest turn-on is someone who can challenge their intellect. They pride themselves on their mental agility, and love to have someone to spar with. They're most attracted to someone who can surprise them and keep them guessing. As long as life stays interesting, a Gemini will be entranced and invested in the romance. While this might give you pause about giving your heart to this fickle sign, the reality is that if you're the right fit, you don't have to worry about them as your partner. That's because, once they find that right person, this is a sign that is extremely loyal and dedicated to their partner.

Geminis know how to keep things exciting in the bedroom.

Geminis are nothing if not adaptable and versatile, and this definitely shows up in how they perform in the bedroom. This sign likes to keep it fresh and exciting, so they're up for all kinds of experimentation when it comes to adult activities. They are game for going through the entire Kama Sutra — even the unique advanced positions — just to satisfy their sexual curiosity. They also love to mix it up when it comes to locales, so don’t be surprised if your Gemini partner suddenly suggests a quickie in the great outdoors.

The ultimate takeaway here is that dating a Gemini like Leatherwood is never dull. Sure, it can be stressful if you fear they could slip away, but at least it will be thrilling in the moment. In fact, you might even say that being with Leatherwood would be a magical experience. Sorry, couldn’t resist.