Gabriella Brooks’ Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Stable & Sensual Partner

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Gabriella Brooks might just be the perfect match for Luke Hemsworth. While the two haven't officially confirmed their relationship status, they sure looked cozy in a family photo taken at Hemsworth’s brother Luke’s birthday party on November 7. (Elite Daily previously reached out to reps for Liam and Gabriella for comment, but did not hear back.) From an astrological perspective, their apparent chemistry makes perfect sense as Gabriella Brooks’ zodiac sign, Taurus (born May 18, 1996), and Hemsworth’s Capricorn make for a stellar match.

Honestly, it’s hard not to fall for a Taurus like Brooks as they're just about the warmest and most loving sign in the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love, Taurus is all heart. They're the most emotional and affectionate of all the earth signs, and yet they remain grounded and reliable, making them truly the best of both worlds. Here’s what else we can divine about what Brooks is like as a partner based on her zodiac sign.

Taurus is warm-hearted and loving.

Like all the earth signs, Taurus is outwardly composed and maybe even a little serious (although they have a silly side too), but just below that surface beats the heart of a true romantic. They want to love and be loved. Their ideal relationship is one that's stable, affectionate, and drama-free. But just because they're happiest when coupled up, that doesn’t mean they'll settle for just anyone. They have high standards for the people who are in their life and especially in their inner circle. It takes time to earn their trust, but once you do and Taurus has decided to take a chance on you, they're all-in.

Taurus has a champagne taste.

While Venus is known as the heavenly body associated with love and romance, it’s also the planet of beauty, and when it comes to Taurus’ taste, it shows. Taurus is drawn to luxury, glamour, and all things aesthetically pleasing. They like only the best and will settle for nothing less. That's true whether it's filling their home with art, taking luxe vacations, or dining at the finest of restaurants. Taurus is all about experiencing the best life has to offer.

Taurus is very affectionate.

Taurus is a tactile sign. Their love language is, without a doubt, physical touch. They love to cuddle up with the person they care about and could happily spend an entire weekend in bed with them. It's how they feel the most grounded and loved. So, when you’re dating Taurus, be ready for spontaneous hugs and kisses — and to be the big spoon when you snuggle up at night.

Taurus is as stubborn as they come.

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Taurus tends to be pretty low-key and chill, but when they get their dander up there's no changing their mind. They're right, period. End of discussion. The more you push Taurus, the harder they dig in. Arguing with them is like shouting at a brick wall, so it's best to just let them have their feelings until tempers calm and they're ready to be reasoned with again.

While disagreeing with a Taurus can be, ahem, frustrating, the good definitely outweighs the bad with this sign. You couldn’t ask for a move devoted and reliable partner who isn’t afraid to show how much they truly care. If Hemsworth is indeed dating Brooks, he can count himself very lucky.