You Can Make A Unicorn Frappe In Your Own Kitchen With This Magical Mix

Do you remember when unicorn food was all the rage? (I mean, it wasn't too long ago.) There were rainbow desserts, cotton candy-colored drinks, sparkling spritzers, and more. It was a magical time, and it looks like the trend is coming back around. One particular product is leading the charge for the comeback of unicorn food, and I'd like to try it immediately. It's called Unicorn Frappe Mix by Frozen Bean, and it'll bring the mystical aesthetic that you've known and loved to the comfort of your own kitchen. Plus, it seems freaking delicious. I'm so in.

The packaged Unicorn Frappe mix makes it possible to create your own unicorn concoction without leaving the house, and that's a truly magical concept. If you're interested in trying it out, you can find it at Walmart and on Amazon. When you're searching for the mixture, keep your eyes open for a pink package with a cartoon unicorn on the front of it. Behind the unicorn, there will be a light blue mixed drink with whipped cream and flower-shaped sprinkles on top. Oh, there's also a rainbow behind the Frozen Bean logo, because what would unicorn food be without a rainbow?

This is what the exact package looks like:


Now that you know what to look for, let's talk about how it tastes. In true unicorn fashion, the package leaves mystery to its flavor. After taking one look at the blue mixed drink on the bag, I thought it might taste like cotton candy or blueberries. However, it looks like I'm wrong. Based off an Instagram post of the Unicorn Frappe, it tastes like a banana smoothie. I did not see that one coming, but I'm all for it.

Per the Instagram user's post, there are also tiny pieces of candy in the drink. So, I guess you can have candy for breakfast.

Before you go swapping your coffee for the Unicorn Frappe, you should keep one important thing in mind: It's caffeine free. If you're OK with starting your day with a sweet treat, then it's perfect for you. As a dedicated coffee drinker, I can see myself sipping on one of these mid-afternoon after I've already had my caffeine fix.

Thankfully, Frozen Bean's Unicorn Frappe is just as easy to make as coffee is. All you'll need is ice, water, and a blender. (Apparently, it tastes better with milk — so feel free to use that instead of water.) Simply combine your ingredients and mix them together in order to create your very own Unicorn Frappe. According to Delish, one blended package will make two servings, so ask a friend if they want to try it with you. You can also save the second serving for yourself; I definitely won't judge.

Once you have your Unicorn Frappe ready to go, have some fun with it. Add some whipped cream and throw some sprinkles on top. Your finished product is sure to look gorgeous, so take a photo for Instagram while you're at it.

Like I said, unicorns are making a comeback in the kitchen — so why not bring them back to the 'Gram?