Fresh Dropped A Sugar Lip Treatment For Each Zodiac Sign & They'll Put Stars In Your Eyes


If you're someone who loves personalized everything and reads your horoscope religiously, boy, have I got a beauty drop for you. Fresh x Susan Miller's Zodiac Sugar Lip Treatments are the things that starry eyes are made of, seeing as they combine the power of an ace nourishing balm with the power of, well, the universe. No big deal, or anything.

In case you don't know who Susan Miller is, she's basically to horoscopes what Merriam-Webster is to dictionaries, meaning she publishes the only ones that matter. Every single person I've ever talked to who is into astrology swears by the daily and monthly horoscopes that Miller pens (you can find them on her website, Astrology Zone) and tells me they are accurate to an almost scary degree. It makes sense, then, that Fresh would tap her, the expert in her field, to collaborate with on a collection of zodiac-inspired products.

If you're already a fan of Fresh, then you've likely tried its much-loved Sugar Lip Treatment ($24, Boasting an SPF of 15, it's formulated with moisture-preserving sugar, nourishing oils, and antioxidant-rich polyphenols, which, simply put, means healthier, softer lips. The stuff is seriously magic, especially during the winter, and can backup its slightly high price tag.

And now, thanks to a little help from Susan Miller, the balm has gotten even better.

The limited-edition Sugar Zodiac Lip Treatment Collection launched earlier this week and is composed of 12 offerings, one for each astrological sign. The formula for the actual balm is the same for all of them (it's Fresh's signature Sugar Lip Treatment) but the packaging is far from uniform. Each tube was designed specifically for one sign based on its traits, characteristics, colors, etc., because personalization rules. The details of how each tube was designed are below, but before scrolling down to find your sign's description, you should also know that the Fresh x Susan Miller collaboration doesn't stop with the lip balms. is featuring exclusive online horoscopes by Miller for you to check out, and having just read min, I can personally attest to its thoroughness and quality. It tells me that in 2019 I will travel internationally a lot and find my true love, so maybe I'm biased, but still! (Fellow Leos, 2019 is our year.)

Checkout the special tubes below, with the description of each one straight from Fresh — snagging the one associated with your sign is definitely written in the stars.


According to the brand, the packaging for the Aries ram is "magenta, blue mixed with fiery red," because it’s "the life force of the zodiac." No pressure or anything, Aries!


Taurus bulls scored "grass green" packaging to "symbolize this rejuvenating time of year."


Gemini twins have been illustrated with a bright yellow, in order to "represent the brilliance of this air sign."


The tube for Cancers is decked out in a "silvery blue illustration" to signify their hydrophilic nature, plus "the fact that Cancers are ruled by the moon."


Lucky Leos! The Leo tube conveys a sense of a royalty with "a rich purple illustration (like the robes of a king or queen."


Virgos will enjoy an olive green tube that matches their pure and faithful nature.


Libra, which is ruled by the goddess Venus, is appropriately signified with a "soft, feminine pink illustration."


Scorpios tend to feel it all, and this "violet illustration" is meant to express their "deeply emotional nature."


As in keeping with the calendar, the Sagittarius tube boasts maroon to exemplify "the end of the autumn season."


Capricorn sea-goats will dutifully apply their treatment, with a tube decked out in "earthy orange to reflect the determined, driven spirit of this sign."


Due to the fact that this "futuristic sign keeps her gaze on the horizon," Aquarius babes receive this "bright aqua illustration."


And lastly, Pisces fish have been illustrated in turquoise because "this sign is ruled by Neptune, god of the sea."

Whether you identify with your sign's packaging or you'd rather scoop a different sun sign's tube, these limited-edition tubes add an extra dose of personality to your arguably the best lip treatment on the market.