Did Frankie Jonas Really Tattoo Tana Mongeau's Name On His Leg, Or Am I Hallucinating?

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Social media has provided the world with more than a few unlikely celebrity friendships, but nobody could've seen this coming: The "Bonus Jonas" befriended one of the most controversial influencers in the world, and they're getting close. Frankie Jonas' TikTok tattooing Tana Mongeau's name on his leg is shocking, but in 2020, isn't everything?

Jonas joined TikTok this year and immediately gained a following. He posted snippets of his life in New York City and showed off his stylish outfits in an attempt to ask his local followers to be his BFF. He hasn't spilled much tea about his life as a member of one of the most famous families in the world, let alone the Disney Channel universe, but his cool factor was immediately evident to users scrolling down their For You Pages. Now, one of his frequent commenters has become a surprising ally on his quest to influencer fame, and she's got a little clout of her own; Mongeau and Jonas are two peas in a pod, and to prove it, Jonas tattooed her name on his leg.

"I've been so massively successful on here, and I wanted to do something to remind me of the fans," Jonas said jokingly in reply to a comment from Mongeau on Dec. 27. In the following video, he shaved a spot on his thigh and proceeded to give himself a homemade tattoo, writing, "@Tana" in black ink. The new tattoo is permanent, and it's got Mongeau freaking out.

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"Frankie Jonas just tattooed my @ name on his thigh, I can't make this up a Jona[s] brother has my name tattooed on him," Mongeau wrote in all-caps on Twitter on Dec. 27. The moment was clearly a huge milestone for the contentious YouTuber, and she posted many more excited tweets about the situation. She even noted when Jonas dies, her name will be written in ink on his body forever in his "coffin." Kind of a dark thought, don't you think?

Mongeau has yet to reveal her tattoo of Jonas' name as a sign of reciprocal goodwill, but she promised her fans she would follow through with the commitment. If only Frankie Jonas attended TanaCon in 2018, maybe he could've given all of her upset fans waiting in line their own "@Tana" tattoos.