This New Skincare Brand Is Made To Keep Your Skin #Glowing While You're Jet-Setting

by Kristin Corpuz
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Brandon Sosa

At this point in my life, it's safe to say I spend a minimum of 50 hours a month on planes and in airports. Keeping my skin healthy throughout my jet-setting adventures is something I'm constantly working on. Between remembering to stay hydrated, attempting to eat as healthily as possible, battling the fatigue of jet lag, and keeping up with my skincare beauty regimen, keeping my skin #glowing while I travel proves to be really difficult sometimes. Luckily, Flight Mode Skincare will make in-flight pampering a little easier for both the frequent and occasional jet-setter.

According to their website, the line focuses on hydrating, calming, and protecting the skin with ingredients like Kakadu plum and Tazman pepper. Their products are formulated to work well at higher altitudes and in all weather conditions, so you can look dewy and glossy throughout the flight and your trip, no matter what the destination is.

Though I haven't had the opportunity to try the line yet, it sounds like the answer to so many of my travel skincare prayers. Even better, all of the products are travel-sized, so you can touch up your glow on-the-go. Read on for more info on the new line.

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In Flight Mode's first collection, which launched on Aug. 4, 2019, they included seven products: a restoring hand cream, a skin mister, a hydration booster, a face cream, a hydration mask, a serum, and a lip and cuticle balm. The products range in price from $29 to $99, and all have cute names that allude to their in-flight functionality, like "high-altitude" and "up high."

Of the seven products they launched, I personally think the most intriguing ones are the Flight Mode Cloud Mister and accompanying Intense Hydration Booster. The mister acts as a portable humidifier for your face to provide moisture for your skin in drying airplane air. All you have to do is charge it with the included USB cable, fill it up with any water available, and click the button. According to the product description, you should hold it about two inches away from your face for maximum benefits.

The Intense Hydration Booster works as an additive in the water you put in your mister. Their website says that five drops mixed into the water tank of the mister is enough to provide extra moisture and a soothing sensation on the skin, thanks to their signature Wild Plum Harvest™, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extract. The booster also adds a light cucumber fragrance to the mist, so you can refresh your skin feeling zen AF.

Brandon Sosa

The Look Alive In The Sky Repair Serum is the priciest of the entire line, but the description says it hydrates, protects, and soothes your skin throughout the duration of your flight, which just sounds like a total dream come true (and it's a great idea if you have dry skin like I do). It contains unique ingredients like mountain arnica, which can help accelerate skin recovery, gotu kola and horsetail, and a mix of other ingredients like almond oil and watercress.

To celebrate the launch, Flight Mode brought Jasmine Sanders, Jasmine Tookes, and Shanina Shaik to famed resort Amangiri in Utah to test out the products. According to Flight Mode's Instagram story, the flight allowed the women to test the in-flight benefits of the products, and their time in the desert proved the line really does work in a variety of climates.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for my skin to stay #glowing and refreshed during my next long-haul flight, so I'm stocking up on these products ASAP.

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