Uh, Fans Think The Weeknd Just Sneakily Wished Selena Happy B-Day

by Candice Jalili
AFP Contributor/AFP/Getty Images

Wait, is it 2017? Sorry, got confused for a second after hearing that fans think The Weeknd wished Selena Gomez a happy birthday. And, no, they don't think he just sent her the casual "hbd" text one might expect from a non-famous ex. Fans think he actually went big by purposely dropping the music video for one of her favorite songs on her 28th birthday.

OK, let me backtrack for a second. The song in question is "Snowchild" and Gomez has not been shy about her love for it. Back in March, she included it in an Instagram Story as part of a list of songs that were helping her get through quarantine. "Here are some things that I've been watching, listening to, and reading to keep me positive and help pass the time," she wrote before listing the songs, per Elle. "Hope it helps!!" Then she casually listed her ex's song alongside hits like "If The World Was Ending" by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels, "You Say" by Lauren Daigle, "The Blessing" by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, and Elevation Worship, and "The Box" by Roddy Rich.

And Gomez was still not over the song the following month. In April, fans noticed Gomez gave her love for the bop yet another shoutout by including it in her "Cooking Together" playlist for Spotify. So, yeah. She clearly loves it. And then her ex goes and releases the video for it on her birthday!? You can see why fans are freaking out.

PS: Here's the video if you'd like to watch it for yourself:

Now, to be fair, while I sincerely hope that The Weeknd released the video purely in honor of his ex's birthday because he knew she loved the song, that's probably not actually the case. Surely the singer has an entire team of people who strategically decided what day was best for the premiere, and I'm going to go ahead and guess that Gomez's birthday wasn't one of the deciding factors. But hey! Maybe they wanted to post the video sometime in July and he suggested July 22 because he knew Gomez would appreciate it on her birthday. That's what I'm choosing to believe!

ICYMI: Gomez and The Weeknd dated for a while back in 2017. Following their split, they each briefly reunited with their respective exes, Justin Bieber and Bella Hadid. But uh, they both seem to be single now, so until they start dating other people... I'll be here, crossing my fingers for a reunion! (Let me have this!)