Watch This Cancer Date Every Zodiac Sign & Find His Perfect Match

Elite Daily

If Dating Around on Netflix is totally your jam, then you should probs check out Episode 6 of Star-Crossed, Elite Daily's dating astrology show. Every episode features one single dater who goes on a series of mini-dates, but — rather than meeting only astrologically-compatible matches, like in the first five episodes — the season finale of Star-Crossed changes things up. In the Aug. 13 episode, Marcus — who's an arborist by day and a comedian by night — goes on 12 dates, each with a woman born under a different sign, and things get intense.

As a Cancer, Marcus considers himself an intuitive and emotional old-school romantic, and he wants to date someone with whom he can chill, laugh, and — most importantly — vibe. His problem: He keeps getting into relationships with Geminis, who are not exactly a great match for Cancers. By dating women from all zodiac signs, he hopes to find a woman who complements his generous Cancer energy.

On some of his dates, Marcus def feels good vibes. He bonds with one date over their shared love of dogs. One date entertains him with the story of her wildest bartending experience. He even sings a (surprisingly lovely) duet of the Pokémon theme song with one of the women. Marcus brings his A-game by telling jokes, juggling, and serenading his dates, and plenty of them are charmed by the compassionate comedian.

But he doesn't click with everyone. Marcus is turned off by a woman who confesses she dislikes dogs and children and struggles to keep plants alive. Another date is opposed to monogamous relationships, which isn't Marcus' style. One particularly disastrous date ends with a woman storming off set after one of Marcus' jokes doesn't quite land right. Spoiler alert: Marcus is terrible at guessing the women's zodiac signs, but he's great at intuiting who's a good match for him and who isn't.

After a dozen dates, Marcus selects three women he would like to take out on a second date, and surprisingly, not all of them are traditionally considered to be his best astrological matches. Who will be down to experience more of Marcus' charm? You should watch to find out!