Watch This Aries Date Her 3 Most Astrologically Compatible Matches

Elite Daily

Do you believe in astrological compatibility? If so, you won't want to miss Episode 4 of Star-Crossed, Elite Daily's astrology dating show that sets up singles on blind dates based on their zodiac signs. The July 28 episode follows Sydney, an Aries who works as a freelance writer and calls herself "passionate" and "fiery." (Yep, sounds like a ram to me.)

The first of Sydney's three suitors is Saul, a Virgo with an Aries rising. Astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Elite Daily these two could bond over their mutual intellect, but they might also wind up annoying each other. Sure enough, these two found plenty to talk about — long-distance relationships, Israel, crab cakes — but also clashed over veganism.

Next up, Sydney met David, a Leo. These two fire signs tend to butt heads, but Mesa says if they can turn that fiery energy into mutual admiration, a relationship can blossom. Just one problem: Sydney hates Leos... and she's bold enough to say it to his face. Still, this duo bonded over their Jewish backgrounds, but Sydney later told the camera she'd love to give his leonine locks a makeover.

Last but not least, Sagittarius Sam had his turn in the hot seat. While he admittedly doesn't know much about his astrology, Mesa says these two zodiac signs will go starry-eyed as long as they prioritize respecting each other's opinions. They chat politics (he had a stint working on Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign), and Sydney straight-up asks, "Am I your type?" You'll have to tune in to see what he says.

After her three blind dates, Sydney has a clear favorite. Even if you don't believe in astrology, you can't deny the chemistry is obvious between this Aries writer and her first choice match.