Elizabeth Warren Made A Surprise Appearance On ‘SNL’ & You Need To See It

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Just days after announcing her plans to drop out of the 2020 race to the White House, former Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is heading back into the limelight. On Saturday, March 7, the Massachusetts senator made a pit stop at SNL to make light of how she's really doing following her decision to bow out of the running to become the Democratic party's next presidential nominee. Elizabeth Warren’s Saturday Night Live appearance also included a moment when she was asked whether she's endorsing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden — and her reaction is hilariously unexpected.

While Saturday Night Live is no stranger to putting a comedic spin on the latest political happenings, Warren's appearance on March 7's episode was an unexpected one considering that it came just days after news broke that she was shuttering her campaign.

Alongside SNL cast member Kate McKinnon, who has portrayed the senator on the show numerous times by copying her hairstyle, her signature glasses, and a matching blue blazer, Warren gave viewers a tongue-in-cheek update on her life post-campaign trail.

"I'm doing just fine," she told the audience. "My friends and family have been so supportive. They've been calling non-stop asking, 'Are you OK, what do you need, were you electable?'"

Warren joked that she'd at least accomplished something during her run, adding, "We built a wide coalition of teachers, preschool teachers, middle school teachers, and teachers’ pets."

Revealing that she was now all about "self care," she informed viewers that she's currently "Hanging out with my dog Bailey, prank-calling banks, drag-racing Subarus, avoiding Twitter."

Along with a slight swipe at fellow former Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg, she also mentioned current party frontrunners Biden and Sanders, who will face off once again during a number of primaries on March 10. When she was asked who she'd choose to endorse out of the two politicians, Warren avoided answering the question with a quip.

"It's tough. Maybe I’ll just pull a New York Times and endorse them both," she joked, referencing the paper's dual endorsement of both Warren and Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Jokes aside, the senator also showed off her social media prowess by attempting the Drake "Flipped the Switch" TikTok challenge along with a lookalike McKinnon. Fans and critics alike flocked to social media to air their thoughts on the appearance, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling her performance "legendary."

Warren might be out of the presidential race, but only time will tell whether she heads back into the arena as a potential running mate or to endorse one of the remaining Democratic candidates. As for right now, though, it's clear from her SNL cameo that she is finding some time to have a bit of fun now that her campaign has ended.