Elizabeth Warren Took Shots At Trump In Her Official Presidential Campaign Announcement

by Chelsea Stewart
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Warrenators, the moment is here: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) is officially running for the White House. According to multiple reports, the announcement came during a rally on Saturday, Feb. 9 and, while it included some cheery comments, the announcement also included some shade. Elizabeth Warren's official 2020 presidential campaign announcement took swipes at none other than President Donald Trump. The White House did not immediately return Elite Daily's request for additional comment on the matter.

Speaking to an audience in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Warren made a call to help the working class. "[Because] the man in the White House is not the cause of what is broken, he is just the latest and most extreme symptom of what's gone wrong in America," she said of Trump, according to CNN. "A product of a rigged system that props up the rich and powerful and kicks dirt on everyone else."

Warren added, "So once he's gone, we can't pretend that none of this ever happened." Burn. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment on Warren's remarks, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

The announcement comes just over a month after Warren announced a presidential exploratory committee. In that time (and even a bit before) she and Trump have had back-and-forth criticisms of each other. For example, the president has often ridiculed her Native American ancestry claims, calling her "Pocahontas" and mocking those who have called on him to apologize. (Warren has faced sweeping criticism for labeling herself as Native American, including in the '80s when she reportedly identified as "American Indian" on her Texas bar exam, given that she previously had "maintained some level of plausible deniability about claiming herself as a Native American," per CNN. Warren has since apologized for taking a DNA test to prove her ancestry and for "furthering confusion about tribal citizenship" with the reveal of her Texas bar exam, per The Hill.) Warren, on the other hand, has called Trump "corrupt" and said he was too "incompetent" to reunite separated migrant families at the United States southern border, among other things.

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The initiatives she'll run on for president are mostly unclear, but as Vox points out, there may be an affordable housing bill, which "would dramatically increase the federal government’s investment into affordable housing by $450 billion over 10 years, aiming to create more than a million jobs in the process." She may also run on an anti-corruption bill to crack down on DC lobbying, as well as a "wealth tax," which would tax Americans with more than $50 million in assets a 2 percent rate, and those with assets more than $1 billion a 3 percent rate. "[Let's] stop handing out enormous tax giveaways to rich people and giant corporations ... and start asking the people who have gained the most from our country to pay their fair share," Warren said in her Saturday announcement, per MassLive.

She's in for quite the battle, though, as she's got a bunch of competition. Before Warren's announcement, Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) was the latest to announce a bid for the White House, sharing a video on Feb. 1 that stressed economic, racial and social justice. Senators Kamala Harris (D-California) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) have announced campaigns, as well as representatives Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and John Delaney (D-Maryland). Other candidates include Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Venture of America founder Andrew Yang, and Julian Castro, who previously served as the housing secretary under President Barack Obama. And there may be more. There's speculation that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont), Vice President Joe Biden, and Texas Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke, among others, may toss their hats in the ring.

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Clearly, this thing is getting real. Are you ready for 2020?