Elite Daily's 'Backseat Blind Date' Series Will Make You Crave Tacos This Whole Week, Oops

My first blind date was a disaster. It was a double date, he was the last to show up, and when we sat down for dinner, he didn't utter more than a few words beyond "a cheeseburger and a Heineken, please. No lettuce." Needless to say, we did not see each other again. But luckily, the date on this week's episode of Elite Daily's Backseat Blind Date video series went 10 times more swimmingly than mine.

Not all blind dates are guaranteed to be great. In fact, I'd argue that blind dates have an even higher chance of going south than regular dates with people you've swiped right on, largely because you've already established a rapport with that person and you (hopefully) know enough about them to have a decent conversation. When a date is "blind," you're, well... going in blind. Most of the time, you have no idea what the person is like (but you def know what they look like because you've totally Insta-stalked them already; do not lie) or what they're into. But the two unsuspecting people on Backseat Blind Date were even more caught off-guard, considering they thought they were just getting into a car to get from A to Z, and ended up on a date with a complete stranger.

If you're new to Backseat Blind Date, first of all, welcome. This game show slash matchmaking challenge is truly unique, because it's not just a regular game show, it's a cool game show. Every Tuesday, you'll see two people climb into what they think is a shared car ride, but is actually a very quick blind date. The complete opposite of casual happy hour drinks, you'll see both participants work together in a series of challenges, designed to help them gauge whether or not they actually have any chemistry. For each challenge they win, they get cash! At the end of the date, they can either split their earnings and go their separate ways, or put the money toward an actual date. (As in, yes, fine, go forth and prosper at casual happy hour drinks, if that's what you want.)

In this week's episode, 29-year-old Michelle, who works in advertising, gets paired up with Ajai, a 32-year-old who works in copy editing. I won't spoil the ending for you, but I will say that for the greater part of the episode, I was skeptical that these two would be a good match. Apart from the fact that they seemed a little bit awkward together, they both seemed to disagree on a few essential dating do's and don'ts. Sorry, but what's wrong with wearing socks to bed? I wear socks to bed. Is that off-putting for some people? What if my feet get cold? This didn't even cross my mind before today, to be honest!

In another challenge, they again seemed a little out of sync to me. Maybe I'm just not great at gauging chemistry (hence why I am still single, probably, maybe???) but I think I can definitely sense when there's awkward tension in the air, even if it's through my MacBook screen. Did Michelle and Ajai split their earnings and bounce? Did they decide to spend a bit more time together? Did they fall in love and get married and live happily ever after? Press play and find out, hopeless romantics!

But honestly, first dates can already be nerve-wracking enough, so huge kudos to these two for sticking it out. What would you do if your Uber decided to surprise you with a blind date? Would you hop off, run away, and call Uber support immediately? Or would you stick it out and play the game of ~love~? You never know! Sometimes, it might be worth it.

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