This New Rosé-Flavored Vodka From Effen Will Step Up Your Summer Cocktail Game

I'll tell you what, I can't wait to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. It's tough being cooped up indoors all winter long. Aside from the beach days and tank tops (that I'll inevitably buy too many of on my next Target run), drinking a glass of rosé is right up there with all of the ways I want to spend my summer. However, Effen’s New Rosé Vodka has me reaching for a different way to sip on my favorite pink drink this year.

Effen's Rosé Vodka is a new flavor that claims to taste very similar to your typical bottle of rosé, according to a press release issued by the company. Fine by me. The vodka features fruit and floral notes, which are very typical flavors of most rosés. However, there's one flavor here that's really got me intrigued and it's honey. Per Effen, the 75-proof Rosé Vodka has hints of fruit with flavors of honey and vanilla throughout. Side note: I love honey. I like to dip my fries in it, put it on peanut butter toast, and now it sounds like I'm going to enjoy its sweet flavor in my next rosé cocktail.

Of course, I haven't tried Effen's Rosé Vodka yet to know for sure if I'm going to like it. I feel pretty confident I will, though, since it seems like a pretty good combination of crisp, clean, and fruity flavors. This one is checking all the boxes for summer sippin'.


Not sure what to mix Effen's Rosé Vodka with? I've never had any brand of rosé-flavored vodka before but it sounds like a legit way to spice up your summer cocktail menu. Effen recommends pairing its Rosé Vodka with soda or mixing it with sparkling wine. The distillery also notes that it mixes well with Prosecco or in a Cosmopolitan. I can get on board with any of those options. The picture above, which is from Effen, features the cocktail with fresh fruit such as watermelon and raspberries. I think strawberries could be a nice addition to the cocktail, too.

My favorite thing about rosé in general is the color. Every brand is a little bit different, and this new Rosé Vodka from Effen is so gorgeous. Instead of being a deep, vibrant pink or a very faint light pink color, Effen describes the color of its Rosé Vodka as being more of a "soft blush with golden undertones." It's so perfect for the 'Gram.

In addition to its new Rosé Vodka, Effen also just released a new Yuzu Citrus Vodka. According to Effen, its Yuzu Citrus Vodka has a bright citrus aroma with floral black notes. The taste is slightly sweet, herbal, fruity, with grapefruit zest. Like Effen's Rosé Vodka, this one is also 75 proof.

The press release doesn't specifically say where you can find Effen's Rosé Vodka. However, you can search by product on the Effen website to find the item in stock at a store near you. I'll be grabbing a bottle of this before my first backyard barbecue of the year.