Here's How To Be Instagram For Halloween And Get All The Likes

In life, you should always do what you love. And on Halloween, you should be what you love. Whether that's your forever celebrity crush (give me all the Channing Tatum costumes) or your favorite reality star (hi, Kendall) — the world is your spooky, pumpkin-filled oyster. If you really want to go the extra mile, there are also plenty of easy Instagram Halloween costumes that pay homage to the social media app we all love. Or love to hate... I know there's some complicated feelings out there.

Here's a few options for all of you who want to go the extra mile for Halloween — and for those of you who are more into a minimal effort type of situation.

Keep it simple

If you don't want to put a ton of effort into your Halloween costume, this option is for you. You can literally buy an Instagram frame — for a decently reasonable price — and customize your own personal hashtag, location, number of likes (OMG the power), profile name, caption, and profile picture. You can rock the Instagram frame solo, or drag a couple of friends along for a group costume. Plus, for extra creativity points, buy some fun props so you can coordinate endless photo ops.


Instagram frame — $17.50, Props — $6.85

Be an Instagram picture — literally

OK, so you're into the whole Instagram frame thing but want to take it a step further. How about dressing up as a quintessential Instagram picture? Meaning, literally anything involving a carefully orchestrated brunch plate (preferably eggs benedict), or a dreamy sunset that screams #wanderlust.


Breakfast shirt — $15.95


Sunset shirt — $15.99

A big thumbs up

I know it's really, really unhealthy, but posting an Instagram picture comes hand-in-hand with wanting to get likes. It's an instant gratification thing, and probably damaging to our brains somehow, but if you want a great couples costume, drag your friend along and get them to play thumbs up to your Instagram post. It's low maintenance, and will be the quickest, easiest round of likes you'll ever get.

Spirit Halloween

Thumbs up foam finger — $7.99

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

Speaking of couples costumes... why not bring all of the social media platforms together for Halloween? Get three other friends to play Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, grab some cardboard, and design each individual logo. Whoever plays Snapchat can even go the extra mile and get some Snapchat-themed props. Like these Snapchat filter costumes:

Instagram Face Filters

If you're looking to glam up this whole Instagram costume idea, why not turn yourself into a a human Instagram face filter?

You can definitely recreate some of the cutest face filters — most of which have the ability to make everyone look like a delicate, flower child. There's the option of a flower crown, a cat, or you could get super creative and make your whole face into a dreamy, terrestrial landscape a la the app's star filter.

Be all the other filters

Sometimes it's hard to nab the perfect shot. That's where picture filters come in. Everyone looks better in sepia and black and white, and that's a fact. For this costume, you just need to cut a frame out of a foam board, and attach a color transparent sheet.

Be a selfie

For all you brave souls out there who have the confidence to post your private selfies onto a public forum — this one is for you. Grab a tee-shirt you don't love, write "selfie" on it, and hang out solo behind the aforementioned Instagram frame. You can also choose to ditch the frame, and carry a selfie stick around with you instead. Either way, it'll be the ultimate #selflove moment.

Happy almost Halloween, everyone! Here's hoping that you have your most insta worthy holiday, yet.