Dylan Sprouse doesn't want a "Suite Life" reboot, exclusive with Elite Daily

Dylan Sprouse Won't Do A 'Suite Life' Reboot, But Here Are The Roles He *Is* Into

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse have grown up a lot since their time on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but many still see them as the adorable tween twins who lived in a hotel on Disney Channel. With reboots being all the rage recently, fans are eager to see their childhood crushes reprise their roles, but they probably shouldn't bank on any return visits to the Tipton Hotel. Dylan Sprouse says he doesn't want a Suite Life reboot, and his reasoning actually makes a ton of sense.

After playing Zack Martin for over a decade — which included two sitcoms and a movie — Sprouse definitely has a soft spot for the franchise. Recently, he posted an Instagram commemorating the show's 15-year anniversary and shared his appreciation by writing, "A lot had happened in our lives that was difficult then and this show, in a way, saved us."

The post had some fans wondering if Sprouse could have been hinting at some sort of Suite Life revival, but he shoots down the idea with a resounding "no."

He then continues: "I don't think so. I like to live with what I had then — a really sweet time. That was my moment back then, and I'm nostalgic, [but] I think people should leave those things where they are, personally."

This doesn't mean Sprouse is planning to stay out of the spotlight. Though he took a six-year break from acting to pursue his education at New York University and turn his love of mead-making into a flourishing business, the 27-year-old is now eager to explore new roles. "My criteria [is] just whether or not the script is honest, funny, and good, [with] a character I can empathize with," he says.

The actor has made it clear he isn't looking for one-dimensional characters. From starring in music videos to voicing video games (a dream of his since acquiring his degree in video game design from NYU), Sprouse's projects in recent years hold personal significance.

His latest role is in Banana Split, an indie flick that turns teen rom-coms on their heads. The movie tells the story of April (Hannah Marks), who strikes up an unlikely friendship with her ex's new girlfriend, Clara (Liana Liberato).

Sprouse says he was excited to take on the multi-faceted role of Nick, the guy both girls have feelings for. "I feel like Nick was interestingly written because he's primed to be the villain," he says. "But you realize he's just a kid too and he's just as confused as everybody else. He's heartbroken and he's... he doesn't know how to deal with it."

It's this subtle subversiveness that drew Sprouse to the project in the first place. "This is definitely a spin on a classic genre, which tends to stagnate," he says. "It has all of these makings of a classic rom-com but at the same time, really defies the expectations."

If it's defying expectations he's after, it's no wonder Sprouse isn't interested in jumping on the reboot train. But no matter what role he plays in the future, you know it's going to be suite.

Banana Split is available on March 27 to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon Video, and more.

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