New Peeps-Topped Donuts & Marshmallow-Flavored Coffee Are Coming To Dunkin' So Soon

Courtesy of Dunkin'

The Easter Bunny is going to be busy this year because Dunkin' is rolling out two new springtime menu items made with Peeps. The tiny yellow chick-shaped marshmallows always remind me of spring, mostly because the candy was a staple in my childhood Easter baskets. I'm a little too old for an Easter basket now, but I'll never be too old to eat Peeps. That's why I'll be sippin' and snackin' on Dunkin's Peeps Donuts and Marshmallow-flavored coffee for the near future.

On Wednesday, March 27, Dunkin' announced a new partnership with Peeps and it's one of the tastiest collabs I've read about in recent memory. For a limited time, you will be able to find Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee on the menu at Dunkin', according to a press release from Dunkin' sent to Elite Daily. That's not the only Peeps-inspired treat Dunkin' is bringing to menu's nationwide. The breakfast fast-food chain is also whipping up a limited edition springtime doughnut that's covered in brightly colored sprinkles and is topped with a yellow Peep, per Dunkin'. Both menu items will be available at participating Dunkin' locations across the country starting on Monday, April 1, according to the company.

First, just take a look at Dunkin's new Peeps Donut. It's topped with white icing and coated with special green and egg-shaped sprinkles, according to the company. But, what really makes this doughnut something special for spring is the fact that there's an actual yellow Peep in the center. Yep, an entire Peep comes with your doughnut. TBH, it's the picture of perfection and you know I'll be throwing it up on my Insta Story before I take a bite.

You can wash down your Peeps Donut with Dunkin's Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee (or at least that's what I'll be doing). There's no such thing as too many Peeps in my book. I haven't tried the Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee just yet, but it sounds like a sweet and creamy addition to my morning brew. The best part about all of this? Dunkin' is offering the new Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee in a variety of ways. You can add the sweet taste of Peeps to any of Dunkin's espresso drinks, hot or iced coffee, frozen coffee, or frozen hot chocolate, according to the company. Yes, please. I think I'll keep it simple and order a Peeps Marshmallow-flavored iced coffee. Now that the weather is warming up, I'm ready to put hot coffee to bed until the fall.

Dunkin' and Peeps are also teaming up to give away free small Peeps Marshmallow-flavored iced coffees to fans, but there's a catch. From April 2 to 4, Dunkin's coffee car and the Peepsmobile will take a trip from the hometown of Peeps in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to the hometown of Dunkin' in Quincy, Massachusetts, per Dunkin'. The brands will be stopping by six Dunkin' locations during the two-day road trip. If you're one of the first 250 guests, you'll get a free Peeps Marshmallow-flavored iced coffee. Be sure to check out Dunkin's Instagram account for clues as to where the vehicles are.

Remember to mark your calendars for Monday, April 1, so you can be one of the first people to try out these new offerings from Dunkin' and Peeps. And, no, this isn't some kind of April Fools Day joke. You really can order these Peeps-flavored new menu items during your next Dunkin' run. The new Peeps menu items will be available for a limited time or while supplies last, according to Dunkin'.