You Can Buy Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans That'll Totally Upgrade Your Easter Basket

Easter is right around the corner, which means you've probably been stocking up on jelly beans. I don't blame you, though. Jelly beans are delicious — and the more flavors you have of them, the better. If your growing collection only includes fruity options, then you might want to add an unconventional flavor to the bunch. Might I suggest Draft Beer Jelly Belly beans? Yes, beer-flavored jelly beans exist, and you can buy them right now. However, there's a catch: They're non-alcoholic. In other words, nibbling on the beer-flavored candy won't get you buzzed.

Before I talk more about the booze-inspired beans, I want to make one thing clear: Based off of a YouTube video on Jelly Belly's website, Draft Beer jelly beans were officially launched in 2014. However, it looks like they're still on the shelves. So, there's a good chance you've already tried these a few years ago. But if you haven't (like me), then get ready to learn about your new favorite jelly bean flavor.

Cheers to candy, am I right?

Jelly Belly

According to Jelly Belly's website, the Draft Beer jelly beans taste like — you guessed it — draft beer. Makers of the Draft Beer jelly beans even matched the flavors of hops while making the product, per the company's YouTube video. With that being said, I can imagine that Jelly Belly's Draft Beer creation tastes pretty dang similar to the real thing. As someone who loves beer, I'm really excited to give 'em a try. I'd also be pretty excited to find a pack or two of these beans in my Easter basket.

If you're also trying to find Draft Beer jelly beans in time for Easter, have no fear. The booze-flavored beans are currently for sale on Jelly Belly's website, and you can buy them a few different ways. If you're someone who loves beer and wants to add a new can to your collection, you might want to opt for the Draft Beer Can Tin. The can, which is just filled with beer-flavored jelly beans, will make your friends and family think you're sipping on the real thing. You can buy the Draft Beer Can Tin for $4.99 on Jelly Belly's website.

If you'd rather opt for a bag of the beer-flavored jelly beans, you can do that, too. In fact, a bag of Draft Beer beans only cost $2.99 on Jelly Belly's website. With that being said, you can buy a few bags of 'em for less than $10. Why not stock up for the season?

If you'd rather stick with fruit-flavored jelly beans, I totally understand. Thankfully, Jelly Belly is currently selling a Jewel Spring Mix that features flavors like Jewel Very Cherry, Jewel Sour Lemon, Jewel Sour Apple, and more. If you like the sound of those flavors, you can order a bag of the Jewel Spring Mix on Jelly Belly's website for $6.99. If you end up buying those and the Draft Beer beans, you can always mix the flavors to create cocktail-inspired handfuls. Talk about a total jelly bean upgrade.