If Mermaids Had Feet, They'd Freak Over Dr. Martens' Iridescent Boots

Dr Martens

While you might think of stark white boots as the ever-cool close-toed shoe of summer, there's another style in town that just might usurp their title. Dr. Martens iridescent boots are what mermaids would wear if they had feet, and seeing as some of this season's biggest trends are inspired by the ocean that basically makes them the summer boot of 2019. Give your much-loved sneakers or go-to sandals a rest, because you're about to find your next favorite pair of warm weather kicks.

The spring/ summer 2019 runways were absolutely overrun with fishnet, seashell embellishments, and pearl accessories. You couldn't look at a high fashion collection without taking a trip to the depths of the ocean, so naturally fast fashion retailers followed suit and began dropping their own aquatic-inspired pieces. Take one look at Dr. Martens new boots, which boast peachy pink and turquoise sheens, and scales with the same iridescent glows will definitely come to mind. They'll pair excellently with whatever pukka shell necklace or netted dress you might be currently eyeing, so go ahead and snag yourself a pair to complete the look. If you're not into Dr. Martens boots then 1. You are an alien and 2. Fear not, because the brand also released a low-top iridescent style. Check out all of the styles below and pick your favorite.

First up is the Molly Iridescent Boot ($170,, which arrives in the pinky peach color way and boasts a yellow gold sheen. Sitting atop a platform sole, it's elevated both by its chunky treads and iridescent snakeskin material. Oversized silver grommets replace typical lace holes, while matching pink laces are strung through them.

Next is the 1460 Pascal Iridescent Boot ($140,, which arrives in both the aquamarine and peachy pink color ways. Also featuring an iridescent snakeskin upper, it differs from the Molly Boot in stature and lace detailing.

This style sits on a regular sole and therefore feels more classically Dr. Martens, while the lace holes are also regular sized and feature metal hardware. The laces themselves are classic cord-style and also match each boot for an overall cohesive effect. This boot is the way to go if you've already got a pair of standard Docs and love their feel, but just want something that looks a bit (read: a lot) flashier.

And to finish, behold the low top style! The Holly Iridescent Loafer ($150, is basically the Molly Boot's little sister, seeing as it boasts the same chunky platform sole and oversized grommet lace holes. If you like sporting shoes that allow your ankles to breathe in the summer, this is the way to go. It'd look extra cute paired with some printed or textured socks and a mini skirt and tee.

Which style are you into? As if it wasn't obvious already, the above styles would all make for ace festival footwear, so pick one to rock at your next show and prepare to stun the crowds.