Celebrity Schmoozer Donald Trump Can Kiss His Met Gala Invite Goodbye

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Before he was president, Donald Trump had to get his attention fix through other avenues, namely: acting gigs and celebrity-packed events. That included the Met Gala, an annual themed fundraising gala that attracts the who's who — everyone from Beyoncé to god's gift to the world Zendaya. But according to Vogue editor-in-chief and gala chair Anna Wintour, we won't be seeing Donald Trump at the Met Gala again.

And I'm sure the moody politician is not pleased.

Wintour revealed this tidbit while playing "Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts" on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Oct 25. Corden told her to either eat a pickled pig's foot or spill who she would never invite to the gala again.

Without hesitation, she said, "Donald Trump." And then she laughed. The sphinx-like fashion god actually laughed.

While I'm sure that most politicians would shrug off Wintour's diss — why should a head of state care about a glorified fancy dress party? — Trump is different. He loves attention, and he loves going to star-studded events. So I'm sure, if he wrestles his phone back from whatever White House aide has been keeping it under lock and key, or if Fox News picks up the story, he'll be furious.

After all, this is the man who semi-regularly attended the MTV Video Music Awards — the same awards show where Howard Stern played Fartman — occasionally bringing current White House employee and, oh, daughter Ivanka Trump as his companion. (He even got caught checking out Jennifer Lopez while Melania was mere feet away at the 2002 VMAs. Blech.)

He has also had guest appearances in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (which is ruined now), Sex and the City, The Nanny, the friggin' Jeffersons and more. So, so much more. And let us not forget The Apprentice — as if he would ever let us. It's almost like he cares more about being seen and being famous than running the country and making policy decisions beyond, "You're fired."

Let's face it: the current Commander-in-Chief is thirsty for attention, especially from other famous people.

And where else can you schmooze and rub elbows with really, really, ridiculously famous people? The Met Gala, of course! Since Wintour took over in 1995, the fundraiser has become a hugely popular event, with a waiting list for the waiting list and a guest list that basically defines the Hollywood elite.

Trump has attended the ball several times with wife Melania (as has daughter Ivanka, with husband and fellow White House aide Jared Kushner).

And clearly he was excited by one of his more recent invites in 2012, because his tuxedo almost fit properly.

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Despite the fact that he has been a Met Gala fixture since 1985, the Trumps were absent this year — a fact that makes a lot more sense now that we've gotten a glimpse into Wintour's mind.

Ivanka and husband Kushner were reportedly "too busy" to attend May's Met Gala, and POTUS and FLOTUS reportedly had no plans to go either. Mm-hmm.

But now we know that Ivanka saying she was "too busy" is like the time I didn't get invited to a White Elephant party held by some friends of friends, so I texted my friend Kelly, "Whatever, I have stuff to do anyways." That stuff? Watching Saved! in my dark room for the 40th time and eating the chocolate in my sister's advent calendar.

Wintour's decision will probably make waves with the president, since it's one less place where he'll have his picture taken.

And since Trump apparently has "one of the great memories of all time," he will definitely remember this. Who knows? He might even try to revoke Vogue's license to publish. As if he could go toe-to-toe with Wintour.