You Can Get 50% Off Domino's Pizzas Through July 21

by Daffany Chan
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On these long summer days, it seems like there's nothing better than the obligatory evening kick back with friends, movies, and of course, pizza. It's never a proper party without boxes of pizza stacked on top of each other at the center of a party. But the one thing better than pizza? Free pizza. The news is fresh out of the oven, and Domino's July 2019 50% off pizza deal might be the best way to celebrate the season.

In a July 15 press release, Domino's announced the chain is offering half off all pizzas ordered online from July 15 through July 21. "Summer is officially here," announced Jenny Fouracre, Domino's spokeswoman, in the press release. She's absolutely right. Here's how you can get your hands on the hot and savory celebration. After hearing about this glorious promotion, I decided to give it a try myself to see what ordering was like. The 50% off deal is available on all menu-priced pizzas, which you can order on the Domino's website and in the Domino's app, available in the App Store and Google Play.

I used the Domino's ordering app for iPhone, which was simple to download and navigate. The menu for pizza has something for everyone. There are delicious classics like pepperoni as well as new spins on pizza, like the chain's Philly cheese steak pie. Even vegetarians will rejoice when they see the menu, thanks to tons of veggie options like spinach and peppers. You can even Make this a full-blown pizza party by pairing your pie with Domino's appealing side dishes. A few sides that caught my attention were the cheesy garlic bread (you really can't get enough cheese, IMO) and the creamy ranch chicken wings. Just keep in ming the half-off deal only applies to menu-priced pizzas, and it will be applied automatically, so there is no promo code needed.

Whether you're a devoted fan to Domino's delivery or a newbie to the world of pizza, you won't be disappointed. The company is constantly innovating to improve efficiency and service on their digital channels. They've even started a self-driving vehicle delivery service with Ford Motor Company. This high-tech service will be unveiled later in the year to select customers in Houston. Lucky customers will get the chance to pick up their meal from a robotic courier. It's like straight out of Star Wars movie!

You'll also want to know that Domino's launched Hotspots last year. This means you'll be able to receive orders from an offering of over 200,000 nontraditional delivery locations. Having a picnic at the park? Getting your tan at the beach? Suddenly overcome with hunger while walking home? Don't fret. Domino's Hotspots has got your back. Domino's spokeswoman summarized it best: "Not at home? Not a problem. The beauty of Domino's Hotspots is having your favorite pizza delivered to you, wherever you are." The current 50% off menu-priced pizzas deal is good at Hotspots as well, so you won't have to worry about missing out on this deal.

The best part about this deal is that you now have a guilt-free reason to order a whole box (or more) of mouthwatering, cheesy goodness. So, grab your friends, get outside, and turn up the heat with Domino's sizzling promotion that lasts through July 21.