Brussels - Grand place, Belgium

You Can Save Up To $600 On Round-Trip Flights To Belgium For A European Vacay


Ever since I studied abroad during my junior year of college, I've been seriously dying to go back to Europe. Due to extremely high cost of airfare, however, I haven't had the chance to go back. So, you could probably imagine how excited I am about Dollar Flight Club's Sept. 6 deals to Belgium — they're practically too good to pass up right now. Waffle city, here I come!

Maybe you've been dreaming about sinking your teeth into authentic Belgian chocolate for years, or maybe you just came across some gorgeous pics of Brugges on Pinterest, and you just can't seem to get those images of canals and gothic architecture out of your head. Either way, you should definitely consider going now, because airline tickets are incredible cheap.

According to Dollar Flight Club (DFC), there are so many cheap flights leaving from U.S. cities between September 2019 and March 2020. In fact, you could save up to $581 on your round trip flight, according to the an email from DFC. Usually, flights between the U.S. and Brussels cost up to $900. But if you take a look at DFC's deals, you could save almost $600. And that, my friends, is truly a steal.


DFC lists several departure cities offering cheap flights, so get your wallets ready. If you're flying out of the ever-scenic Northeast, round-trip airfare from Boston, Massachusetts costs $319, and from New York, New York costs $473. Those flying from father south can depart from Houston, Texas for as little as $360, or from San José, Texas for $370.

On the other hand, if you live on the West Coast, you can also save a decent amount on your flight. Flights from San Francisco, California, for example, are going for $487, and from Denver, Colorado are $529. Flights from the West Coast to Europe often tend to be really expensive, so having this big of a sale at your fingertips is major.

Before you wait too long to book, though, keep in mind that prices are only accurate as of publication. Since airfare prices are fleeting, they are likely to go up within the next 24 hours, according to the DFC email. So, if you want to score major savings, I definitely recommend booking this now, and thinking about booking your PTO later.


Once you finally get to the monumental capital city, you'll quickly realize there's so many reasons to love Belgium. The beer there is unlike anything I've ever tasted, to start, and the food is to die for. Belgian waffles, world-class chocolate, and frites? What more could you want, while basking in all of the gorgeous architecture? I seriously can't think of anything better.

Whether you decide to book your trip for later this year or early next year, I can basically guarantee you'll have an amazing time. Between those cheap AF airline tickets and everything that Belgium has to offer, I can already tell it's going to be the trip of a lifetime. Just remember to book it soon — prices are rising as we speak.