You Can Score A $255 Round-Trip Ticket To Barcelona For An Affordable Spanish Getaway

Traveling can be tremendously expensive, whether you're flying across the country or if you're hopping across the Atlantic. Either way, tools like Dollar Flight Club (DFC) often post a wide range of pretty incredible deals, and one of DFC's latest deals to Barcelona will end up saving you hundreds of dollars. So if you're trying to hop across the pond to España for a little bit, you should probably check out Dollar Flight Club's March 28 deals to Barcelona. For real — they will end up saving you over $500 on that usually-expensive Euro trip.

If you're ballin' like a budget like I am, I strongly suggest checking out Dollar Flight Club. The company sends out daily emails with deeply discounted fares to places like Shanghai, China; Cancun, Mexico; and — of course — Barcelona, Spain. Seriously, if you have a case of wanderlust, the fares that DFC rounds up will make you feel like you could travel the world without going broke.

Regardless of what DFC plan you end up going with (there's a free plan or $40 annual fee), though, there is no denying it's an incredibly handy tool. And if you haven't already seen their March 28 deals, it includes super cheap round-trip flights to Barcelona, Spain. The lowest prices are for trips departing between April and May 2019 and from September to January 2020, so make a point to request that time off like... now.

Once you login to Dollar Flight Club's home page, you'll see a wide range of cheap flights to Barcelona, Spain. DFC explains in the email how much a regular roundtrip would usually cost to whatever destination you choose, so you can see just how much you're saving. A trip from the U.S. to Barcelona, for example, usually costs around $850, so you could be saving over $500 on a few of these flights.

The following round-trip fares to Barcelona are all accurate as of publication, and they'll make you want to jet out of town as soon as possible. You can depart from:

That's wild, right? And although this wide range of deals is undeniably marvelous, make sure you're paying attention to the dates before you book — according to DFC, each low far window varies based on departure location. There's a good chance the prices will go up within 24 hours, so bottom line: Book them as soon as humanly possible. There's a table full of tapas with your name on it.

If you need some help figuring out what to do, you can check out the Wander or Bust: Barcelona guide to help you out, like where to find a $2.50 glass of red wine.

If you know me at all, you're probably well aware of the fact that I'm always down to save money... especially with a usually-pricey investment like a trip to Europe. So if you'd like the chance to tour the Ramblas, sip sangria on la playa, and eat all the tapas you could imagine, these deals are definitely what you need. Bon voyage, and if you remember, please send a postcard.