You Can Fly Round-Trip To Florence, Italy For $397, So Pack Your Bags

It's always been a major dream of my to take a trip that's solely focused on eating. And luckily, dining your way through the country of pizza and pasta won't put a major dent in your bank account right now, as long as you book with Dollar Flight Club's July 25 deals to Italy. While you'll still have to save up a decent amount of cash (as it is — in fact — a trip to Europe), round-trip airfare to Italy is priced at about half of the usual fare with DFC's current finds. So, if you can swing taking a few days off towards end of 2019 or early next year, prepare your tastebuds for a steaming hot plate of Cacio e Pepe.

Anyone who has traveled to the magical land of Florence, Italy can attest to the fact it's a lovely city filled with wine, pasta, gorgeous architecture, and — well — Michelangelo's David. Need I say more? And luckily Dollar Flight Club's July 25 airfare deals to the gorgeous Tuscan city are hella cheap right now. According to the DFC email, standard round-trip fare from the United States costs around $975. But if you book a trip to go there between August 2019 and April 2020, you could save up to $578. And that, my friends, is the definition of a steal. Cheers to that.

Don't get me wrong — DFC's flights to Florence, Italy are way cheaper than they'd usually be. However, the low prices won't stick around for too long. The airfare listed below is accurate as of publication, but it will most likely increase over the next 24 hours, so you should book your trip ASAP. Also, keep in mind that all of the prices are contingent on date, time, and departure location.

As of publication on July 25, for example, airfare for flights leaving from the New York City area is dirt cheap. Flights departing from Newark, New Jersey are coming out to $482, and those leaving from New York, New York are as low as $397. Those in New England will have to pay marginally more, with airfare prices from Boston, Massachusetts coming in at around $530. But, like I said, it still costs way less than it normally does.

Those living farther south along the East Coast can get in on these mind-blowing deals, too. Flights leaving from Miami, Florida are only going for $512, and those departing from Atlanta, Georgia only cost $499 at this moment in time. That isn't too bad at all.

Once you've successfully eaten yourself into a carb-induced food coma, make sure to uncover all of the secret gems Florence has to offer. From the gorgeous leather at Leonardo Shoes, to the top of Giotto's Bell Tower, the sweet view from Museo Dell'Opera Del Duomo, and — of course — the nightly live music on the Ponte Vecchio, there are so many hidden goodies the city has to offer. Definitely explore as much as you possibly can while you're there.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you haven't already requested that PTO, I highly recommend doing so as soon as you possibly can. There's nothing better than a Euro-getaway (or gelato, TBH), so get ready for the time of your life. Arrivederci!