Make Sure To Stay In Your Seats After Seeing 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' For Something Extra

by Ani Bundel

Ralph Breaks The Internet, the sequel to 2012's surprise hit Wreck-It Ralph, is looking to come out on top of the box office this Thanksgiving weekend. Current estimates suggest it will bring in up to $70 million, making it Disney's 12th Number 1 hit over the four day holiday. The film already beat the preview competition on Tuesday night and is sitting pretty for the weekend. But what fans really want to know is if Wreck-It Ralph 2 has a post-credit scene. Though Disney animated films don't usually sport them, the nature of Ralph's plot makes it so post-credit sequences are practically mandatory.

The original Wreck-It Ralph was a gentle, good-hearted parody of the old 1980s era video games. For the sequel, the writers stepped it up to take on where all those nostalgic gamers have gone: The Internet.

But Ralph Breaks The Internet isn't just a parody of internet culture (though cats are apparently everywhere.) It's a parody of themselves, as Vanellope von Schweetz heads to the entertainment district, dominated by the Pink Castle and Oh My Disney. The film released some of the footage ahead of time, but suffice to say, this movie is as much a parody of Disney Princess films as it is Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel, the latter of which always has post-credit scenes. So naturally, Ralph does too.

In fact, Ralph Breaks The Internet has two scenes, one halfway through the credits and then a second one at the end. Unlike Marvel, these are not scenes adding to the plot of the film, and despite the claims of the latter, nothing gives away a sneak peek of other coming releases from Disney Animation Studios.

Without giving too much away, the first scene actually ties in items from the pre-release marketing. Anyone who has been the movies lately has probably been bombarded with the "Pancake/Milkshake" clip. Apparently, it's not actually part of the film, leaving the mid-credits sequence to explain where the heck it came from.

The second scene claims to be a sneak peek for the highly anticipated Frozen 2, which Disney Animation Studios is slated to release this time next year. Both Anna and Elsa turn up in Ralph Breaks the Internet. (Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel have voice cameos as their characters in the scene with Vanellope and all the other princesses who appear in the film.) But neither the characters nor their voices turn up in the closing credits. Like many of the film's jokes and memes, this is just another reminder "clicking here" on command doesn't always take you where the link promises.

With box office projections suggesting Ralph will hit Number 1 this weekend, it's worth noting the sequel is actually rated higher on Rotten Tomatoes currently than the original Wreck-It Ralph scored 86 percent fresh in 2012, Ralph Breaks The Internet is sitting at 88 percent fresh with most reviews in. Could this mean the sequel will also wind up an Oscar contender like the original movie?

Ralph Breaks The Internet arrives in theaters on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2018.