Here's Why Rey & Kylo Ren Will Probably Not Be The Next Big 'Star Wars' Couple

by Ani Bundel

Star Wars movies come but once a year, and the installments that comprise the core "Episodes" arrive once every two. That leaves a lot of time in the interim for fans to endlessly deliberate the details. One of the biggest arguments left over from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015 was the "Reylo Debate." Like "Brangelina," Reylo is the portmanteau of potential romantic couple Rey and Kylo Ren. Would they get together in the new film? Does Kylo Ren have feelings for Rey? Does Rey love Kylo Ren? These were the important questions fans desperately needed answers to from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Some directors might not have stooped to conquer such segments of the fandom, considering themselves too high-minded to worry about the romantic entanglements of those who are our representatives of "Good" and "Evil" in the Force, but not Rian Johnson. To the delight of Reylo shippers, and the groans of everyone else, Johnson set out to answer this question of whether Rey and Ren should, would, or even wanted to get together and have Reylo babies.

Even better, Rian Johnson managed to win over everyone on this subject. He both pleased the Reylo shippers by giving them half of what they wanted, and then pleased everyone else by taking the other half away.

Those who thought Rey and Kylo Ren had chemistry were right, they do. Kylo Ren is attracted to Rey. He explores who she is through their Force connection. He determines they're not related in any way, so it's totally safe to date. Then he brings her before his master, Supreme Leader Snoke, with the end plan of murdering the head of the First Order and installing himself as ruler instead... with Rey by his side.

Darth Vader once offered Luke to rule the galaxy together as father and son. Kylo Ren offered Rey to rule it together as husband and wife.

Kylo isn't the only one having feelings. Rey is attracted to Kylo Ren, too. But here's the catch: She's not attracted to his Dark Side persona. She's attracted to Ben Solo.

When Rey drops everything on Ahch-To and goes to Kylo Ren, it's an act of madness, and of love. Like Luke did with Vader, she feels the good in Kylo. She thinks that by being there in the room where it happens with Snoke, her shining beacon of the Light Side of the Force will turn him. They will face down the First Order together, and defeat the evil of the galaxy, as husband and wife.

Therein lies our problem. Both Kylo and Rey want the same thing. But they want a very different version of it. And neither is going to give up their vision for the other.

Theirs is a classic tragic romantic tale. Two people who could have been right for each other, unable to find the common ground that was needed to be together.

What does this mean going forward? As we saw in the final moments on Crait, despite Snoke's insistence it was he who bridged their minds, that connection between them is still there... and Rey reacted by shutting the door of the Falcon in Kylo's face. Unlike some showdowns between Good and Evil that have occurred over the first eight films, the emotional breakup of their never-to-be relationship that Kylo and Rey went through in this movie is going to color how they react to each other in the future.

When the story returns in Episode IX, their Force connection will most likely continue, a bit like Harry Potter and Voldemort are connected in the later films of that series. And when Rey and Kylo Ren face each other down (it's hard to imagine they won't), this inability to find common ground and just be together, will come back to haunt them both.