We Need To Talk About That Wild 'Cursed' Ending, Like Right Now

by Ani Bundel

Cursed is the story of Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. It retells the Arthurian legend, except instead of the legendary Sword of Power choosing Arthur to be King of Men, it taps Nimue to be the Queen of the Fey. But although Nimue gains the Sword and stands against her enemies, the story ends on a cliffhanger. The Fey forces may have taken the battle, but the war is not won. Fans need to know if there will be a Season 2. More importantly, after the events of Season 1, Cursed fans want to know whether Nimue dies or survives.

Warning: Spoilers for Cursed Season 1 follow. Throughout her long journey to becoming Queen of the Fey, Nimue meets several characters drawn into her orbit. But none is more disturbing than Iris, one of the nuns at the convent where Ygraine takes her in. Iris is a true believer; the kind of woman on a holy mission only felt by the intensely faithful. When she discovers Ygraine is hiding Nimue, she reports her to the Red Paladins.

When her sisters shun her for snitching, she burns the convent to the ground. Believing herself to have earned a spot in their numbers, she attempts to join the Red Paladins but is rebuffed for being a woman. When she begs to know how to join, they tell her to bring them Nimue's head.


From then on, it's a slow boil to when Iris and Nimue will finally come face to face. More than once, Iris has opportunities foiled. But as Arthur wins the battle against the Vikings, and Nimue flees the Paladin camp having murdered Father Carden, the time for their confrontation has come. As Nimue, Morgana, and Merlin reach Rabbit's Cross, Iris blocks the bridge. She pulls out the bow and arrows Squirrel trained her to use. Iris hits Nimue right in the chest, sending her over the edge. Merlin tries to pull her up, but she falls to the water below.

As Merlin takes revenge on the other Paladins, Iris retreats, and as the show concludes, she is accepted into their elite force. But did she kill Nimue? Merlin let out a massive amount of magic when he picked up the Sword in her stead, enough to easily keep her alive. Could she heal from the arrow? What about her major fall?

As her body floats in the water, it seems there are signs of life. After all, Nimue is the Lady of the Lake. She holds powerful magic. Fans hope Cursed will bring a Season 2 — and Nimue — back to Earth.