Apple Announced Awesome Payment Plans For The New iPhones

Screenshot / Apple

This year's iPhones have an exciting range of new features, from wide-angle cameras and 4K high-quality video to a fun, updated range of colors. But, of course, all good things come to an end, and Apple's announcements were punctuated with a reminder of just how much a phone upgrade will cost this year. The newest iPhones cost anywhere from $699 to $1099, which have some hopefuls wondering: Does Apple have payment plans? You're in luck, because these gadgets can get pricey.

At the annual Apple Keynote, held this year on Sept. 10 at the Steve Job’s theater, Apple finally gave us the lowdown on its latest line of iPhones, and they're not cheap. The iPhone 11 Pro will cost upwards of $999. The more expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost $1099, while the cheapest, standard iPhone 11 will begin at $699.

Observers had speculated that prices would be similar to last year’s, and they were largely within the ballpark at about a minimum price of $749. While that makes the iPhone 11 actually $50 cheaper than its predecessor, it’s still a pretty hefty price tag, and you may be wondering how you could pay for a new smartphone without burning a giant hole in your wallet this month. Fortunately, Apple offers a payment plan for phones and other tech products that allow you to spread them out over time.

According to its website, the iPhone Upgrade Program is another option to make prices more manageable — with AppleCare+ insurance included. For instance, last year’s iPhones — the iPhone X, iPhone X Max, and iPhone XR — are listed online with monthly payment options ranging from prices in the $30s to $60s. However, this is probably not appealing if you’re not interested in upgrading your phone every year and are just looking to invest in the latest model.

It’s also noteworthy that Apple offers its Trade In program, which is good for both your savings and the environment. If you trade in your current iPhone (or a range of other Apple products, too), Apple will not only recycle the device, but it will offer you a price quote that can be used as credit toward your next phone or be saved on an Apple gift card.

This means that the iPhone 11 can cost just $399 with a trade in, or $17 per month. The iPhone 11 Pro would cost $599 with a trade in, or $25 per month, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max $699 with a trade in, or $29 per month. Apple announced it will also keep the iPhone XR and iPhone 8 on the market for $599 and $449 each, respectively.

Similarly to the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 is the best money-saving option, and you have the added benefit of more color options. The iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max come in Midnight Green, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold, while you can pick between an iPhone 11 in Purple, White, Yellow, Green, Black, or Product Red.

The three iPhones will be available for pre-order beginning Friday, Sept. 13, on the Apple website. Depending on your location, Apple will begin shipping the smartphones on Sept. 20. In the meantime, it is definitely worthwhile to get an estimated price quote for your current phone online. It’s always good to be prepared and, with a purchase this big, every dollar counts.