Do Tinder Guys Want GIFs? Here's What Your Match Really Thinks Of Your Message

It’s no secret that most modern friendships are based entirely on sending each other GIFs (and nothing else) all day long. It’s how the meme-loving, right-swiping generation of today shows they care — or, you know, how we prove we’re not all dead inside. Seriously, if I don’t wake up to at least three GIFs in every group chat I’m a member of, I’m immediately concerned for my friends' safety. Healthy, I know. But how do guys like GIFs on Tinder? Is it too much too soon? I mean, this is basically how I say, "I love you," so maybe?

GIFs are a fun and flirty way to communicate quick tidbits of information, and are especially useful as reactionary tools when you just can’t think of the right words. Sometimes Lauren Conrad’s tear-stained face captures your true feelings better than anything you could possibly muster up in a text. So should you take your Tinder convo to the next level by tossing a few of these out? Here’s what guys had to say about receiving GIFs on Tinder.

This guy thinks that women can get away with just about anything on Tinder.

I’ll tell you what all men think. If the girl is attractive, it doesn’t matter if they send GIFs, write something stupid, or just write something as boring as, 'Hey.' We will respond no matter what. Sounds shallow I know, but that’s how our brains are wired. For example, you could have messaged me something as creepy as saying you like to suck on toenails and I would have responded.
As a girl, right off the bat you have a 99.9 percent success rate no matter what you write whereas, for girls, it’s the opposite. They want something catchy. It’s a lot of work for us guys!

— Adam, 30

This guy likes to have fun.

I’m into it. It’s cheeky. A GIF every now and then keeps it light and entertaining.

— Chad, 29

This guy thinks Tinder and iMessage are basically the same thing — fair game.

It doesn’t bother me. To me, it’s basically just another messaging app.

— Daniel, 27

Don't even bother trying it with this guy.

Unless it’s somehow applicable to my profile, I think it’s lazy.

— Mathew, 29

This guy doesn't mind if it's your thing, as long as you respect that it's not his.

They’re funny to me, but in a lame way. Personally, I don’t really use them.

— Gabriel, 29

You better be willing to impress this guy... or just take him on a really cheap date.

GIFs typically don’t do it for me because they usually suck. If I had a dollar for every time I got the bear-waving GIF, I’d have a great time at McDonald’s.

— Justin, 28

This guy demands originality or nothing at all.

I don’t like them if they are generic and I have seen them over and over. Creative ones make me giggle, though.

— David, 28

Just be yourself and you'll win this guy over.

I think it’s lame. I would rather a woman express herself naturally than with a GIF.

— Jermaine, 27

Who knew GIFs were such serious business? Before you hit send on a reckless GIF, consider these guys who think they're not that interesting at all. If you're hoping to wow your Tinder matches, you're probably better off making your own jokes than stealing Joey's from Friends. Although most guys agree that a sense of humor is immediately attractive, they'd rather have an organic conversation with you than communicate in a series of random GIFs. Save those for your morning-after group chat.

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