#GenYProblems: 4 Ways GIFs And Emoji Make Communicating Easier

by Rebekah Buege

For those of you who haven't experienced joy and procrastination at its purest level, there's a new app called PopKey.

I'm not sure why it took people so long to create this — it's simple and brilliant.

It's similar to the emoji app, but 1,000 times better because it's a keyboard filled with gifs.

Yep, and there are hundreds of them.

You can search by category, popular or recently used, and it offers a search bar, so you'll always have a perfectly hilarious/appropriate response in any situation.

What makes this app intriguing is, similar to the emoji craze, people are now having entire conversations through GIFs.

Emoji conversations are to GIF conversations, as DVD is to Blu-Ray.

They did the job, but are suddenly insufficient now that something new and awesome is available.

This new form of communication had me thinking, like my mother, "Oh, great. Another way for kids to avoid real communication."

I've been reading so much about how Generation-Y is, in essence, handicapped because we can't communicate effectively.

Our parents ridicule us for sitting in a room with friends, noses buried in our screens, as we each call out the funniest meme or tweet as we scroll through our social media feeds.

That's our generation, though; it's how we communicate. And, who's to say communicating with technology is rendering us helpless in real life?

Texting and social media have undoubtedly warped how we interpret words and actions.

There are hundreds of ways to interpret something written in black and white.

But, now that apps like emoji and, more recently, PopKey have risen in popularity, it's easier to communicate our true intentions.

We can now send specific emotions and reactions.

Replacing basic, open-to-interpretation text messages with moving pictures takes away a lot of subjectivity.

No more reading too far into things, thank goodness.

Handling awkward situations is so much easier.

It provides comic relief that anyone who has this app is going to be familiar with.

Seriously, who hasn't seen "The Hangover?"

If your horrible date texts you right after and wants to hang out, you don't need to think of a lie or try to be nice. Just send him or her this bad boy:

There, the date will get the picture.

Conversations are instantly more hilarious.

You may spend 10 minutes scrolling through your options, but when you find the right one, it's nothing short of magical.

Our generation has a unique sense of humor. In any given situation, we're open to some comedic relief.

If you get a text from your roommate asking if you remembered to pay rent, you can respond with a "yes," or this:

Now, your roommate likes you more, and you feel like a comedic genius. Everyone wins.

Friendships are easily rekindled.

Let's say you stumble upon a GIF that instantly reminds you of a friend/coworker/classmate you haven't talked to in years.

Sending a GIF is way less awkward or intrusive than sending the, "Remember that time when..." text. We've all gotten that text, and we've all sent that text. It's awkward both ways.

Now, with the GIF, it's just funny. Then, whomever you're texting will remember "that time when..." because he or she will see it.

Boom! Friendship rekindled.

Our parents and professors can bitch and moan all they want about how our generation is turning out, how sad it is we are unable to communicate in person and how technology is ruining our ability to succeed in the workplace. Blah, blah, blah!

I think Generation-Y is the best generation. We say how we feel, and we don't apologize for it. We don't waste energy on people or things that don't contribute positively to our lives.

We don't need to have face-to-face conversations to feel connected to our friends and classmates.

Some may say that's "sad," but here's what I have to say to that: