11 People Reveal If They Prefer The Lights On Or Off During Sex & OMG, Wow

When it comes to activities in the bedroom, everyone has different preferences for how things go down. And just like actual sex itself, everyone has their own reasons for why they like things the way they do. One instance, where people can have varying opinions, is the ambiance of the room in which they have sex in. For some people, they may want the fan on, or a specific playlist to play in the background. One polarizing factor is the lights: Do guys like lights on or off?

As any good journalist who needs some trusty sources, I took to Tinder to see what the consensus on lights on or off during sex is. Here's what you need to know.

Many prefer the lights on, so they can see their partner.

"I typically prefer candlelight or a bedside lamp," said Sam*, 26. "I find that it sets the mood just right – not too bright that we're both blinded, not too dark so that we can actually see each other."

Benoît, 23, from Brussels, says he likes the lights on, so he can see the woman he's with. Robert*, 28, agrees. He says that when lights are off during sex, "you can't look them in the eye and enjoy that intimacy."


"Personally, I don't mind either way," Rick*, 23 tells Elite Daily. "But if I had to choose, I prefer them on. It's an intimate moment and I would like to be able to appreciate my partner during it."

But some people like the lights on for more than seeing their partner's body. Rey, 22, likes the lights on during sex because he finds it more romantic. He says that with the lights on, he can "enjoy her in every way" other than just sexually.

The women I spoke to – both colleagues of mine – preferred the lights off.

Genevieve, 25, likes the lights off during sex, but is fine if some morning sun creeps through the window. She had a sexual experience with the lights on that is forever itched in her memory.

"I dated one guy who was very 'lights on,'" Genevieve tells Elite Daily. "But he also kept his eyes wide open and stared at me without blinking always."

Girl, run.

Sydnee, 26, says she likes the lights off better. "I just feel like it's more intimate that way," Sydnee tells Elite Daily. "So if it's someone I'm serious about, lights off or dimmed." If the situation itself isn't intimate by nature, like a casual hookup, she doesn't care.

Igor Madjinca/Stocksy

Then there are those who don't care either way.

Mike, 30, doesn't have a particularly strong preference. "Like if we're having sex after I came over your place, I'd keep the lights on," he tells Elite Daily. "I suppose if we had sex in the middle of the night and the lights were off, we'd keep having sex with the lights off." He adds that turning a light on, when there's already natural lighting during the day, isn't necessary.

Duane, 22, goes with the flow of the situation. If he's entering the room, he'll keep the lights off, but if he's hanging out with someone in his room with the lights on, he'll leave the lights on.

Others have a noted preference difference between when they're sober and they're drunk.

James, 25, says he prefers the lights on when he's sober. "I'm much more interested and in tune with your body when I can see," he tells Elite Daily. "Now if I'm hammered, that's another story."

He continued, "It seems to not matter as much whether the lights are on, or if my socks are still on. Because tequila."

And finally, some think there are more important things to worry about – Andrew, 26, isn't too fussy about the lighting.

He says, "I think if you have time to worry about the light, you're doing something wrong."

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