6 Things To Remember About Archie & Veronica's Relationship On 'Riverdale'


Riverdale is full of twists, turns, and mysteries, but there are also glimmers of tender teenage romance in between all that crazy drama. Archie and Veronica are an iconic couple dating back the to the original comics, so it's hard not to root for them. Yes — we love the courtship of #Bughead with all of our Riverdale-obsessed hearts — but #Varchie is everything, too. Do Archie and Veronica stay together on Riverdale? We need this relationship in our lives, people.

She's a rich (well, that's complicated), raven-haired beauty with a killer wardrobe and the quickest wit this side of the Sweetwater. He's the small town boy with impeccable hair, a letterman jacket, and sensitive musician skills to boot. Together they make the perfect high school couple. We've watched their friendship blossom — apologies for our choice of adjective there — and go from buddies with obvious chemistry to lovers.

Archie and Veronica's love story, along with Jughead and Betty's, is part of the beating heart of the show amidst all the secrets, lies, and deception. But being the town that it is, their road probably won't be without its bumps. Everything that surrounds them is way more complicated than a rom-commy, Ross and Rachel-type situation — this is Riverdale for crying out loud. Here's what we know about their relationship's past, present, and potential future right now.

They Had Chemistry Right Off The Bat

From the moment Veronica first stepped foot in Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe, it was clear she had eyes for the boy with the fiery locks. If her slow motion, cape-clad entrance where they initially locked eyes was any indication, the pair was in for more than just milkshake sharing. "We've had this date with each other since the beginning, Archiekins," Veronica told him in the finale. (That's a Streetcar Named Desire reference, by the way, because of course Veronica would quote Tennessee Williams in the throes of passion.)

Veronica Was Willing To Be Betty's Wing Woman

Once Ronnie got wind of Betty's crush on the boy next-door, she put her matchmaking skills to the test by helping her new blonde buddy to get out of the friend zone. While Archie and Betty will always have a place for each other in their hearts, they have both obviously gone in different directions since that first episode... In the Season 1 finale, Veronica even confronted Archie about his feelings for Betty, asking if he liked her. "I do, I always will. As friends," he assured. Which brings us to...

They Made It Official

After flirting and kissing, etc., the couple took things to the next level in the final episode of the season. Yup — they totally went all the way, guys. Archie expressed his feelings for Veronica first, confirming that he wanted to be there for her. Aww. Total swoon alert.

Family Matters

It's not all make-outs and Jubilees in Riverdale — there's serious stuff going on, including scandalous grudges and whodunnit mysteries. The Season 1 finale gave us a shocking cliffhanger to freak out over when Fred Andrews, Archie's dad, was shot at Pop's. Who's behind the possible hit? Some speculation leads to his lady love's own parents — Hermione and Hiram Lodge. Hermione already had financial issues with Fred, considering he won't be bought out of their business deal. She even went as far as asking her own daughter to talk to Archie so he could convince his father to sell. Not good. As for Hiram coming to town? It looks like he's only making things worse.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared some insight with EW into how Hiram will play into #Varchie's relationship, saying,

He's operating at a much higher level and has tentacles everywhere. The questions will be: Is Hiram truly reformed? What does he want? How does Veronica figure into his plans? How will Archie figure into his plans?
Trouble Ahead?

Hiram isn't the only thing that could come between Veronica and Arch. Veronica's former flame, Nick St. Clair, is strutting into town from NYC in Season 2 to shake things up. Typically, an ex only complicates things, right? "He brings out Veronica’s dark side, which I don’t think we really got to see in Season 1," Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica, revealed. We're guessing that will not please Archiekins.

It appears there will be a handful of issues for the high school sweethearts. "There’s going to be some tension in that relationship because obviously Archie’s just gone through a very traumatic experience," Camila also has stated.

Things Are Heating Up

Is it hot in here of is it just #Varchie? One thing we do know: Season 2 sounds pretty hot and heavy. “We’re even more sexual now,” Mendes told EW. “It’s sort of a bit more primal and volatile than, say, Jughead and Betty are," Aguirre-Sacasa added, regarding their whole relationship dynamic.

Whoa. We don't know exactly what's in store for this beloved couple, but we're excited to find out. And that whole flash of a possible wedding in the trailer is making us more confused about what lies ahead. What's going on?! Is it Oct. 11 yet?