Disney Is Serving A Boozy Apple Cider Float For Halloween That Sounds Scary Good

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Temperatures might still be 80s, but it's officially time to start counting down to the spookiest time of the year at Disney Parks. Now that September is in full swing, Disneyland and California Adventure are rolling out a lineup of Halloween-inspired bites and sips that look, to sum it up in two words, scary delicious. Disney’s Spiked Hard Apple Float for Halloween 2019 combines your favorite flavors of fall into a boozy concoction, so get ready to get your buzz on at the park.

If you regularly keep up with the revolving lineup of seasonal goodies from the Happiest Place on Earth, you might have seen when Disney took to its blog on Friday, Sept. 6 to share the full menu of Halloween treats that'll be available at Disneyland and California Adventure from now through the scariest night of the year, aka Oct. 31.

While there's plenty of options to choose from, each of which is more magical than the next, I couldn't help but zone in on the more spirit-forward offerings out of the bunch. IMHO, one of the best parts about going to visit Disneyland as an adult is being able to sip on some alcohol libations while you're enjoying the rides and attractions that you first experienced as a kid, and the park is gifting guests who are 21 and over with some particularly delicious choices this time of year.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

The first confection to catch my eye was the Spiked Hard Apple Float, which sounds the perfect way to keep cool in the California sun while also treating your tastebuds to some major fall notes. According to the Disney Blog post, you'll be getting a mixture of "hard apple cider and apple sorbet drizzled with caramel sauce," and something tells me that this is an apple-infused treat that Snow White would be totally on board with. A Disney rep confirmed that the sips aren't spiked with anything extra other than the alcoholic apple cider, so this sounds like an option that you can leisurely sip on throughout the day without getting too buzzed and have to take a nap mid-afternoon. You can get this sweet treat at Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream at California Adventure.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Speaking of apple-infused sips, another slightly more boozy option, dubbed the Poison Apple-Tini, can be found at the Cathay Circle Restaurant and Lounge at California Adventure. With this refreshment, you'll be getting a mixture of "apple whiskey, apple pucker schnapps, and cranberry juice" paired with a skull-inspired ice cube, so I'd probably wait until the end of the night to try these boozy sips. Meanwhile, the Howl-O-Ween Concoction at the Hollywood Lounge falls somewhere in the middle with a mixture of vodka and Honest Abe Apple Pie Cider.

Basically, if you're in the mood for an apple-infused drank between now and Oct. 31, Disneyland has got you covered, so I'd pick one of the above options (or rotate between all three, because why not?) and get into the Halloween spirit a couple months early during your next visit to the park.