Disney Just Dropped A ‘Little Mermaid’ Pool Party Set & I Need Everything

With summer on the horizon, I'm dreaming of pools, parties, and being a part of the fun. Just like Ariel was wishing to be a part of our world, I'm forever dreaming I could be where the mermaids are. Lucky for us, according to Oh My Disney!, Disney's Little Mermaid pool party collection for ShopDisney just launched, and I don't know about you, but I want every single item on the list.

Just imagine adding these pool floats and towels to your summertime staples. Also, who's got time for dinglehoppers and snarfblats when you could be sipping out of a Flounder novelty cup while wearing a cute AF Flotsam and Jetsam hat? With any of these Little Mermaid items, you will always be mer-made for Instagram pics while you're relaxing by the pool with your besties.

Seriously, I want it all, so I better start saving up now. Summer is right around the corner, and I'm making plans to have some seriously epic pool parties that even Ursula is invited to. Only a "poor unfortunate soul" wouldn't want to get in on the fun, so take a look at these nine pool items you need for a party that is worthy of being under the sea.

Dry Off With A Fin-Tastic Mermaid Tail Towel

Ariel Fin Towel, $30, ShopDisney

After you've spent the day swimming around the pool like a true mermaid, dry off like one as well with a mermaid tail towel. This cute towel even comes with a wrap-around elastic waist to keep it in place. You best believe I'll be walking around the party showing off my fabulous tail like it's real.

This Sebastian Float Will Make For A Fab Pic

Sebastian Pool Float, $60, ShopDisney

Forget swans and flamingos, Sebastian is the only pool float you need for that Insta-worthy pool pic. He'll be happy to show you how fun it is to be in the water rather than out on the shore. I'm certain that you'll have "Under The Sea" stuck in your head every time you lounge around on this float.

Don't Flounder In The Water With This Pool Float

Flounder Pool Float, $55, ShopDisney

You need Ariel's best friend to keep you company while you're relaxing in the pool. Not only is this Flounder float cute AF, but he will keep you dry as well. That truly is the only BFF you need for a perfect pool day.

Don't Be Such A Guppy, And Stay Hydrated With This Flounder Cup

Flounder Novelty Cup, $15, ShopDisney

While you're sitting by the pool, sip away on this Flounder cup to stay hydrated in the hot sun. You can always mix up your favorite summer fruity drink to sip on. My personal favorite part of this cup is the fun, loopy straw.

This Ariel Jersey Was "Mermaid" To Be In Your Closet

Ariel ''Mermaid'' Spirit Jersey, $50, ShopDisney

If you haven't noticed, spirit jerseys are everywhere now. Disney now has a princess collection, and I definitely want them all, but I think we really need this Ariel "Mermaid" one for sitting poolside. These jerseys are so comfortable, so put yours on over your swimsuit when you're heading out to the pool or relaxing by it.

Just Like For Ursula, Flotsam And Jetsam Have Got You Covered With This Baseball Cap

Flotsam And Jetsam Baseball Cap, $15, ShopDisney

Ursula's hench-eels, Flotsam and Jetsam make the perfect pair together, so it just makes sense that they would be "together forever." This cap is super cute, and would make great BFF hats. So, block out the sun at the beach with the Flotsam to your Jetsam in matching baseball caps.

Keep Your Drinks In The Pool With These Inflatable Cup Holders

The Little Mermaid Inflatable Cup Holders, $13, ShopDisney

Keep your drinks afloat as you're swimming in the pool with these inflatable cup holders. You'll be horsin' around with your friends, but you'll still have your drinks nearby for when you need to take a refreshing break. It's the best of both worlds.

Dress Up Your Drinks With Mermaid Vibe Sleeves

The Little Mermaid Drink Sleeve Set, $10, ShopDisney

Your drinks will get in the mermaid spirit with these Little Mermaid sleeves. Each one is totally cute, and I am digging the bright colors. People will immediately get your mermaid vibes when they see you with a drink in your hand that says, "BRB going under the sea."

Don't Forget All Of The Essentials With This Ariel Tote Bag

Ariel Tote Bag, $25, ShopDisney

When you're heading to the pool, you need something that can hold your towel, sunglasses, water bottle, and more. You know that thing I'm talking about? Oh, "what's that word again?" Oh yeah, a tote bag. This Ariel tote bag will help you to bring all the essentials to the party. You'll be set to slay summer in no time.