Disney's New Line Of 'Hocus Pocus' Merch Is What I Need Right Now


Between Cool Runnings, 101 Dalmatians, and, of course, Hook, the '90s were a dang treasure trove for really incredible live-action Disney movies. There were so many good ones, and although I hate to pick favorites, Hocus Pocus has to be the greatest of them all. Boom. Although it scared me a little when I first saw it at the age of four, I soon realized that those Sanderson sisters were nothing to worry about. So if you, too, are a big fan of the movie, Disney is releasing Hocus Pocus merch in honor of its 25th anniversary, and I seriously need to get my hands on some.

The fact that Hocus Pocus has been around for 25 years as of this week is surprising for a multitude of reasons. The first reason is because I can't believe it's a whole 25 years old, but the other reason is that this means it came out in July instead of October... which is really, really mind-boggling. Anyway, if you want to celebrate your love for the movie and show off your fandom, Disney's new line of merch includes eight entire pieces of wicked fun, according to Brit & Co. So, you'll definitely have to check it out. Each and every piece in the collection is awesome.

The Hocus Pocus merch collection starts out with a super cute Hocus Pocus women’s tee for $27. Along with an illustration of the one and only Sanderson sisters, it shows off some of that good, old-fashioned All Hallows Eve spirit, and everyone definitely needs a little more of that in their lives.

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If you're looking to get a graphic tee for men instead, there's one that goes for about $25. It shows that sometimes, things just happen to run "amuck," complete with three metallic eyes, and, of course, some other spooky symbols. I honestly have no idea if my boyfriend is reading this right now, but he should probably know that this is what he's getting for Christmas this year.

Also in the collection, there's a Thackery Binx tank for $27, which is — by far — my absolute favorite. It says "Binx is my spirit animal," with Thackery Binx plastered to the front, in all his black cat glory, mysteriously eyeing anyone who crosses your path. Not only is it so true, but it's so freaking adorable (and glittery too!).

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Maybe you're seeking out something with sleeves, in which case, you should get your hands on a Hocus Pocus Spirit Jersey for $60. It's entirely grey, with the exception of some rainbow font on the front, which says ''Lit The Black Flame Candle," in the shape of a candle, as well as the "Hocus Pocus" rainbow font on the back. It'll make you feel like a spiritual being year-round, and I need one ASAP.

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If you're not feeling any of the clothing items, don't worry about it. There's also a pin set for $17, a Thackery Binx faux-leather bag for $65, a mug for $15, and even a journal for all of your spells for $17. Everything is now available in the shopDisney online store, so you don't only have to celebrate Halloween in October — it's officially a year-round affair.

It's safe to say that Hocus Pocus is an all-time favorite, therefore, their 25th anniversary deserves a celebration. In addition to sporting all of the merch that's currently in my online cart, I'm definitely going to be watching this non-stop, all weekend. So, if you need me, you know where I'll be.