Did I Ruin My Relationship? Guys Reveal The Ways They Messed Up Their Relationships


Anyone who has ever had to do it will tell you that getting over a breakup is no easy feat. But getting over a breakup is about 5 billion times harder when the breakup was your fault. Why? Well, when you were cheated on or wronged in some way, you have a concrete reason to move on. But when you were the one who did the cheating or the wrongdoing, you have to live with the fact that you ruined a perfectly good relationship. In a recent Reddit thread, men with experience ruining a relationship share just what went wrong for them.

Read along and see how these men caused the demise of their very own happy endings that never were — from the guy who let his cocaine addiction get the best of his relationship to the guy who treated his girlfriend more like a best friend. Take notes! Don't be the person standing in the way of your own happy ending.

She asked how he was single, and he showed her.


His lack of confidence got the best of him.


He treated her more like a friend than a girlfriend.


They're letting their unhappiness with life seep into their relationship.


He pretended to be happy when he wasn't.


He was too controlling.


He disrespected her beliefs.


He suggested an open relationship.


He had a drug issue.


He got mad at her when she turned him down for sex.


He blacked out and kissed someone else.


He couldn't afford their long-distance relationship.


OK, now, make sure to never make these same mistakes in your own relationships. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

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