Cardi B & Offset Spent New Year's Eve Apart, But It Looks Like They Both Had A Blast

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2019 is officially here, which means right about now, you’re either nursing a hangover or patting yourself on the back for ringing in the new year like a pro. No shame if it’s the former; after all, what's New Year’s Eve if not the perfect excuse to let go and celebrate? It's also a chance to focus on what makes you happy moving forward. And when it comes to living your very best life, it looks like no one is doing it quite as well as Cardi B. But did Cardi B and Offset spend New Year's 2019 together? With rumors circulating that these two might have been reconciling in Puerto Rico just a little over a week ago, you might think they’d want to kick off 2019 together — but not only did they not celebrate together, they did it on opposite ends of the planet.

TBH, though, Cardi B rang in the new year just like you hoped she would: twerking and wishing herself a happy new year, all while partying down under in Sydney, Australia, TMZ reports. Hey, there’s a reason she’s so legendary, okurrr!

She and Offset may not have been together when the clock struck midnight, but based on her social media posts, it looks like Cardi B definitely still killed the holiday celebration and enjoyed herself.

Cardi kicked off the holiday sharing a video of her enjoying the high life on a private jet from Perth to Sydney with her entourage. Once she arrived at the hotel, another holiday surprise awaited her. According to TMZ, in a video on her Instagram Stories, the singer not only enjoyed some sweet Aussie fruit, she even had her first taste of caviar. And if you’re wondering how Cardi was feeling at the end of 2018, in the same video she lets it be known that "Bitch, life is motherf**king good.”

But that wasn't the end of of Cardi's holiday celebration. The Daily Mail reports that the star spent midnight at a Sydney club. In a since-deleted Instagram video, Cardi, surrounded by her entourage, is seen shouting "Happy new year to me!" and twerking her way into 2019 in style, like the queen she is.

But there was one person conspicuously missing from all the New Year's Eve festivities, and that, of course, was Cardi's possibly-soon-to-be ex, Offset. So, if he wasn't with Cardi, where was the rapper? According to TMZ, Offset rang in the new year thousands of miles away at a gig in Miami, where he performed with Migos.

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What does all this add up to? I mean, celebrating in separate hemispheres is about as far apart as two people can be, but we won't know for sure that things are over between the two until the ink dries on divorce papers. So, let's not read too much into the two of them celebrating separately. After all, it's still very possible that these two are on the road to a reconciliation. Instead, let's focus on what we do know for sure, and that's that Cardi B kicked off 2019 with a bang, and that this is about to be her year — again. And I am so here for that.