Angela in Watchmen

Fans Are Asking This 1 Question After The Watchmen Finale

by Ani Bundel

After a decade where superhero origin stories dominated the landscape, and Marvel put out multiple films a year, Watchmen managed to find an entirely new way to look at the genre. From the exploration of why someone would want to fight crime from behind a mask, to how masked vigilantism would work if based within real American history, it created a world unlike anything seen on screen this decade. But like all good superhero stories, it also ended on a cliffhanger. Fans are dying to know, did Angela inherit Dr. Manhattan's powers? Warning: Spoilers for Watchmen follow.

Veidt was Lady Trieu's father, though not because he slept with someone. Instead, her mother stole one of his vials of sperm and got herself pregnant with a genius child. Veidt's "Save Me" message to the satellite was planned, so that Trieu would see it. In the show's best twist, the "statue" of Veidt was him, still frozen from his journey home, left in stasis until it was time.

But Trieu never planned to save the world from the white supremacists. She just wanted to use them to capture Manhattan. Her Millenium Clock was a device to absorb his essence, and inject it into her self. She would become the queen of the world, showing up the father who dared reject her when she found him.


But her plan failed because Veidt knows a narcissist with a raging god-complex when he sees one. Assisted by Laurie and Tillman, he turned his squid shower machine into a deadly weapon, freezing the little creatures before releasing them over Tulsa, killing everyone and destroying Trieu's machine. It didn't save Manhattan, but it stopped her from taking his place.

Angela got lucky. Laurie called and told her to run. She made it to the theaters where Grandfather William and her children were waiting.

William knew Manhattan was gone. Manhattan had told him all this would come to pass and gave him a message to tell Angela after it was over:

You can't make an omelet without breaking a couple of eggs.

Angela was confused; what did that mean? William said she'd know when the time was right, so the time must not be right.


Angela took William home with her to put the kids to bed. As she cleaned up from smashing open Cal's head, she found the atomic ring on the floor, along with the eggs she'd thrown just before the attack. One egg was still whole.

Manhattan said, "Watch the eggs."

In their first meeting, he'd told her he could put his essence into anything, and whoever consumed it would inherit his powers. "So I could eat this egg, and walk on water?" she'd asked.

Manhattan said she'd needed to see him walk on the pool.

The sun was coming up as Angela stepped outside. She took her shoes off, walked to the water's edge, cracked the egg, and swallowed it. Then she stepped out. The screen cut to black.

Did Angela walk on water? Is she the new Manhattan? Will Regina King spend Season 2 blue? Will there even be a Watchmen Season 2?

Fans have no idea. But if there's anyone who deserves to be god, it's Sister Night. Long may she ride.