Coveralls, Mom Skirts, Rainbow Embellishments — Summer Denim Trends Are Here & They're So Extra

Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every aspect of fashion is getting more dramatic and creative. Silhouettes, adornments, colors, prints, shapes, textures—they're all embracing the exuberant and the extra, and denim trends for summer 2019 are no different. We're in a sartorial period where sleek and minimal is falling to the wayside or being paired with over-the-top and campy, so go ahead and explore your personal style at its most extreme this summer, starting with your baby blues.

Classic denim cutoffs will never go out of style for their versatility and convenience, but they will get upgrades that make them feel more stylized depending on seasonal trends. This time around that means extreme distressing and colorful fabric embellishments—whether you prefer a grungy and deconstructed look or something that leans more rainbow bright is up to you. Also on the roster for summer denim trends is workwear—inspired coveralls, tie-dye washes, mom skirts, and more, so no matter how you choose to experiment with your look there will be something for you. Check out each trend below and shop a few offerings for each.

Distressed Denim Shorts

Whether ripped, shredded, frayed, or all three, shorts that look like they've seen way better days are in. I recommend buying a pair with a longer inseam to account for the additional unraveling (and subsequent shortening) that might occur while wearing and washing them. You've got to love the ridiculousness of modern fashion—I can hear my grandpa's voice in my head now asking me why on earth I'd pay extra for destroyed denim.

Zip Closures

Whether on shorts, shirts, dresses, or the like, zip closures are also having a moment. They feel slightly '70s and make for easy on and off, so why not embrace the heavy metal trend?

Mom Skirts

I can remember cringing at the thought of ever putting on a denim skirt that grazed my calves or ankles a la my mother. When I was younger, I viewed them as dorky and for boring grown-ups only. While I have embraced my inner geek and am well into my twenties (does this count as being grown up?), my reasoning for embracing the longer style is that it's genuinely cool—pair it with a crop top for a flirty date night look or wear it with a tucked in sweater tank for something a bit more polished. Clearly, my mom was onto something.

Colorful Embellishments

From punchy crochet pockets to printed fabric waistlines to vibrant floral embellishments, the ways that denim is getting splashed with color are as varied as they are cute. Mix your blues with some rainbow and I guarantee your summer style will get a whole lot brighter.


Tie-dye everything is in, as proven by what went down the catwalks of a handful of the buzziest brands in fashion as of late, and denim is no exception. Shorts and skirts featuring a groovy wash to them will add a cool pattern into any outfit and can be dressed up or down as you please.


Structured workwear-inspired pieces give an outfit a clean and strong aesthetic effortlessly, especially coveralls and jumpsuits. The all-in-one style also takes the stress out of getting dressed in the morning and makes for a super comfy outfit.

How will you get blue this summer?